Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1. The Lake of Muhammad

My lake is fed from four rivers
Coursing through the valley of my thoughts,
The four rivers unite into one mighty river
Called me, the Beloved of God.

At night, the Full Moon is reflected
Upon my gentle clear water.
During the day, the Sun lights the Sky
And I reflect the Heavens with
All its majestic wonder.

People everywhere come to me
Seeking solace and pleasure,
Fishermen with nets fish in me
To find truth of divine measure,
Swimmers swim in me, finding
Resolve and love in my entire length,
The strong and the rich seek my humility,
The weak and the poor seek my strength,
Poets and writers seek my words,
And any who calls unto me,
Saints and sinners alike,
Surely all will heard.

I have no end and no beginning,
For I am a vassal in my Lord's Hand,
And constantly I am praised,
I have never been brought down,
And from station to station
I continue to be raised.

Those of you who attend to me,
I attend to them.
Those of you who love me,
I will surely love them, and
My Lord will love you
In His Merciful Plan.

If not for me, you would not be
And I exist for your sake.
If your eyes are shut to me,
O' my beloved people, awake!

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