Dear Readers

Dear readers,

All my words you read here in this blog or in my book, they are all written in a state of sin. The sketches are sinful too. The reason is simple really, for when I feel ‘holy’ I cannot write.

The truthful man in witness of the Truth must keep his silence in deference of the adab (right manners) before Love and Truth and Patience, which is God by any other name. So each word I write bears witness and judges me as a sinner. But I am a happy sinner, so don’t worry.

My words are like airplanes. I write them, and hopefully someone will board my rickety flying machines to whatever destination that they desire. I have been writing for more than 10 years really and for 9 years I had no readership and all my planes were parked useless in the hangars of the soul’s airport. Then one day, Heche finally convinced me to blog and in July 2010, I earnestly started to write and incorporate my prose into my postings.

And if some of my co-religionists think I am blurring the lines between religions… well tough luck to them. I am building my planes as big as possible to fit in as many of humanity as possible. This is my job, you see… and I would not do it any other way…

When you do get to where you are suppose to get to, I hope that it will be a Good Place. And remind those Good Folks there of me, because though you are already there, I will continue to remain in the soul’s air terminal - Still sinning. Still writing. Still building airplanes.

Have a good flight, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

Footnote: Also posted to the blog on 28th May 2011