Friday, May 31, 2013

MY LEAVING WILL COST ME NOTHING - al-Najm ath-Thaqib (s.a.w.s.)

A Funeral Wreath
Let this day be the last day of my life,
It this is best for me,
Let this night be the last night of my life,
It this is best for me,
Let this breath be the last breath for me,
If this is best for me,
Let these words be the last words that I write,
It this is best for me,
Let these thoughts of You be the last that passes through my mind,
Let this thirst for You be the last thirst that I feel,
Let this hunger for You be the last pain that I feel,

It this is best for me, quench my thirst and sate my hunger...
Let my eyelids close for the last time knowing You are waiting for me,
Let my family not cry nor mourn my passing,
For my leaving will costs me nothing...

With You are the end of all my restless dreaming,
Tiresome scheming and fruitless thinking.

For You are my beginning
And my ending.

Good Friday. If you can pick a day to pass away, it is said that Friday is a good day to do so. Indeed, Friday is a good day to do anything really, whether it is to move house, to change work, to marry, to begin a journey, to rest, to contemplate and reflect, to visit friends and relatives, to visit the graves of our dearly departed. 

It is also a good day to ask things from God. It is of course not necessary that you wait until today, but as today is already here, why let this Friday go to waste? Hmm, what can I ask God? Ah yes, something like this has been sheltering under the shade of my soul last night, a presumptuous little prayer...

The Servant that Didn't Happen
Oh Lord, 
You, Who has made me fall in love with You,
Therefore, You must care for me
And let me stray not one moment from You!
You, Who can make anything happen,
Make me to be the servant that didn't happen!
A moment that didn't occur,
A second that didn't pass,
The insignificant nothing
To Your Compelling

He he he. So many exclamation marks! I guess this is not to everyone's taste. And even to my lips, this cup of prayer tastes strange and foreign. But this is Friday the Blessed, so I think we are granted a little dispensation, yes? And anyway, even in this strangeness there is familiarity. Like the familiarity of al-Najm ath-Thaqib s.a.w.s. (Piercing Star) whose brightness lights up the darkest of our skies. Al-Najm ath-Thaqib is one of the inspired names of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.). May God Almighty preserve us in the Path of His Light (s.a.w.s.). 

And though we cannot pick the day that we die, Oh Lord... please pick us! Please pick us!

Have a lovely Friday, sunshine. Dare and do!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Yafiah said...

And may your Friday be even more blessed because this prayer and this poem come as a blessing. Jumah mubarak brother!

Milky Tea said...

Ah Yafiah, you have always been too kind and generous. May your blessing find you wherever you may try to hide!


God bless.