Friday, May 3, 2013

THE DRESS OF ADAB & THE WELL OF FITRAH - falling in love and its fascinating consequences...

Falling in Love... 
I though I was falling in love with God,
Then we crossed paths as you came falling 'up',
So I shouted to you, "Hey! You are falling upwards!"
To which you replied, "Me? No, it is you falling upwards!

I was worried and confused, "Pray for me, brother! Pray for me!" I shouted back,
And you said, "Nooo, You pray for meeeee...!"

Where are we, sunshine? Where are you and where am I? Are we ascending the station of divine love, or are we heading down the slope of self-delusion? Well, wherever we may be, as humans, very much ordinary in our talent and strength, in our folly and weakness, we all have our ups and downs. So one minute we may be sipping the cup of divine assurance, poured by the Angel Artiya'il in our times of desperation, and the next we may be led by the hypnotic song of an evil flute, played by our ego, and conducted by some infernal talent from Satan's own orchestra.

The Dress of Adab (Good Manners)
The Dress of Adab is the only dress
That one wears on the inside,
For it adorns your heart
With Love, Beauty
And Mercy.

I reckon that we are in a constant state of flux, a dynamic condition confirmed by our heart in every nanosecond that we exist in this world. So even if we come across a lover of God, in whatever creed he may be wearing, a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu or a Buddhist, who is to say that we are on our way up and he is on his way down? The only dress that Love recognises is the Dress of Adab (Good Manners) - our personal conduct and manners that manifests the very best of traditions - and for the Muslims that is the words and deeds of the Most Beloved of Love, Muhammad Habibulah (s.a.w.s.). It is a garb woven in the well of our conscience by our good deeds, our patience and perseverance, our courage and charity. The thread is made of the light of our eternal ruh (soul / spirit) and the cloth is our inherited fitrah (our individual inner essence) from the Well of Fitrah that is Muhammad Prophet of God (s.a.w.s.). And I have seen such dress worn by Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Christians, and even agnostics and atheists (though this last group may vehemently protest my allegations of their own goodness on Reddit. he he he)

The Well of Fitrah
Life is about finding yourself,
And your particular nature and talent
Granted from the Well of Fitrah that is
Saydeena Muhammad Habibullah,
Poured with Eternal Love from the Ocean of Love of God.

Look for it as best you can, and with the best guide you can find!

As you learn your place in the honorable station of servanthood before God's own crowning glory of mercy that is Muhammad (s.a.w.s.), you may find that however the wind may blow, whatever the season may be, up or down, left or right, a raging tempest or remaining still like the eternal love of mothers and sweethearts, you are forever in the embrace of Love, Allah (s.w.t.) God Almighty of the Worlds and Muhammad (s.a.w.s) God's own Mercy to all the world(s).

Have a nice day, sunshine. It's Friday after all!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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