Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Sea of Golden Memories - the infinite blessings of remembering

Set sail upon the Sea of Golden Memories, the path of love ordained
by God Himself for your past, your present and your future.

The Blessing of Remembering
Blessed is he that remembers...
Remembers his past, his parents and ancestors,
Remembers his future, his children and lineage,
Remembers such memories before the memories are made,
Remembering that God knows the beginning and the ending,
And that God has planned it all for him 
In His perfect planning,

Blessed is he that remembers...
Remembers his prophet and his living history,
Remembers his place in the Nation of the Nabee,
Remembers the love promised by God Almighty,
Who has forbidden upon Himself to forget nor be unjust,
Golden memories to remember forever,
Never to rot nor turn to rust.

Blessed is he that remembers...
That in remembrance of both past and future,
He dons the garb of the servant,
That he may address this very moment, this present,
As both the servant, and the master.

I am quite forgetful. Sometimes unintentionally, and at other times, there is undoubtedly a hint of pre-meditated forgetfulness - My road tax has expired? Gee... I must have not realised it. I didn't file in my taxes? Honestly, I am such a dodo head!

And let us be honest here, it is not merely these worldly matters that I am forgetful of. In my remembrance of God, I can also be very forgetful. Neglecting the golden memories, distracted by this world, and above all, distracted by the God-awful noise my ego often makes in the hall of my consciousness. So my chances of being a good servant (let us not even attempt to calculate the possibility of being a master) is quite small. Insignificantly small. It would take some form of miracle to get me out of my Hole of Forgetfulness.

Remembering can be beautiful,
inspiring and a pleasure
indescribable in
Happily, I am assured by two truths - Firstly, that God made us to be forgetful, clumsy and often neglectful, that we may, in times of realisation of our utter helplessness, turn to Him for forgiveness. For God Himself has said that He made us to forget and to sin, that we may turn to Him seeking mercy, that His attributes of ar-Rahman (the Most Compassionate One) and ar-Rahim (the Most Forgiving One) is exalted in this world.

Secondly, the form of miracle blessed unto humanity (and all the world(s)) in this End of Time has indeed appeared in the form of Muhammad Habibullah (s.a.w.) - the Guiding Lantern for all creation, held by the Hand of God Himself, shining the straight and safe path for us to follow. Lo, how beautiful does the Nur of Muhammad (Light of Muhammad) shines. To light the darkest corner of our vanity, to dispel the blackest mist of our hubris - to bring Truth which is Beauty by any other name, into our hearts - that being Allah s.w.t.

Dzikrullah. As for this old sinner, where am I in this fascinating spiritual station of dzikrullah (Remembrance of God)? I am afraid that I am at a mean low stage - somewhere in the state of trying to remember that I should try to remember these Golden Memories.

But thankfully, God is Most Forgiving of his weakest of servants!

Don't you agree, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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