Tuesday, December 30, 2014

THE WINDOW DISPLAY OF THE SOUL... belief is not a destiny but a journey

The Window Display of the Soul
I am looking at myself,
Looking at the words
That I bedeck this almanac with,
Akin to a window-shop display
Of my thoughts that I found
Prose-like and pretty,

And I now wonder whether
These words truly
Represent me,

After some contemplation
The truth is deceptively easy,

That, no, these words are not me
But they are what I would like to be.

Salesmanship and self-delusion. We all have a certain level of salesmanship. I think it is inherent in most people, that we would like people to think of us in the best way possible. And indeed, it is true even for our own self knowledge.  We are our own shopkeeper, and we decorate the window-shop of our soul with pretensions of virtue, and we are also the customer of this products of self delusion. 

I am thinking of this because of the simple words; "I believe in God." And after some contemplation, I must admit that my level of belief in God rises and ebbs according to my tide of fortune. I would like to be constant and steady, but no. At an intellectual level, yes, but not on a moment-by-moment impassioned way, to live my life in the constant assurance of His existence and what He has promised humanity.  

Belief is not a destination but a journey. This in itself is not a bad thing, I guess. For I do believe that complete belief is reserved only for the Prophets of God, and the best and highest form of belief in God is in the conduct and manners of Muhammad Habibullah (saws), our most beloved and the last of the Prophets of God. So now, when I am thinking or talking, I am careful with the words, "I believe in God." Saying or thinking these words as honest as I can, and asking God to bring me closer to the completeness of belief, to the sweetest of His Truth, which is exemplified in the Prophet (saws). Phew... that is a big, cosmic level prayer. But even an infinite journey begins with a single step, yes?

Abang Shem. I would like to end this posting with a sad news of the passing of my beautiful cousin, Mohamed Zaid bin Zainal, known to me as Abang Shem. He passed away on Sunday morning. I will write of him when I am more calm and collected. May Allah (swt) accept him and bring him to the Divine Presence in the company of Nabi Muhammad (saws).

al fatiha

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

Saturday, December 20, 2014

THE LONELY SHORE - of certainties and openness

The Lonely Shore
I am a lonely shore,
A sandy bank
By a deep, rich sea.
All manner of people walk on me,
Leaving their footprints
Coming out of the waves,
Their enduring wandering
Ending Hu knows where.

In the imprints in my heart
I can see their path
And the beliefs
They say they believe in.

But I cannot live
On another person's belief,
So I ask that God Almighty
Give me my own belief'
To believe in,

And not leave me
Forever a lonely shore,
A sandy bank
By a deep, rich sea.

Keep it open. Do not close your heart, sunshine. Do not say or act, "Yup, I know it all. I don't need to know anymore. My mind and heart is made up..." For the simple truth is, truth is not as simple as that. And when you are seeking to be the dust beneath the feet of saints, or watchdogs at their door, you have to keep nimble and awake. Awake to challenges to your own certainty, awake to whatever God Almighty may arrange to come your way, "Hmm... let us see how Taufiq deals with THIS, that old Mr,Know-it-all,,,"

The firm toehold. But we must have some certain rock. An unchangeable principle, a toehold in our heart that we must protect, Perhaps, if you are a Muslim, it would be our declaration of faith (the syahadah) - I bear witness that there is no god but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God, These are the words that make life, truly worth living for. Indeed, in its words is the true flowering of humanity's potential and promise - and your own, whatever be your dream or talent.

Keeping the values. And the final point is this - may we never ever, in our efforts to keep to our syahadah, do or say or permit anything to happen that directly or, more often that not, indirectly destroy the very values and connection of the Divinity and our humanity that is part of our syahadah.

For in our lifetime alone we have seen enough blood, enough depravity, enough lies and hypocrisies, all done 'in the name of God'. Do you not agree, my love?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

Sunday, November 30, 2014


The Tree of Muhammad
I am a tree,
And I have been created
Complete in my perfection,
You may take sustenance from 
My deepest roots to the highest
Leaf or flower that bloom from me,
You may pick my low lying fruits,
You may take shelter beneath me 
From the heat of the sun
From the wetness of the rain,
And from the hubris of men,

You may approach me from 
Any direction, and along any path,
For I am created to endure 
And for as long as the forest remains
I shall always be here, waiting for you,

Indeed, by my Most Merciful Lord,
I was created that you may be created,
And If you think your desire and longing for me is great,
Lo, You will not bear to know my desire
And longing for you!

Who will come to me?
Who will sit under my shade?
Who will rest his weary troubles on me?
Who will share my fruits and my nectar?
Who will take delight in my company?

What is a tree? It is a living breathing organism without whom we would perish and this world would be a dead soulless planet. Yesterday morning Heche and me were buying breakfast from a street pedlar who was selling his nasi lemak under a tree by a busy suburban street. As I was waiting for Heche to complete our transaction I stood next to the tree and wondered in my wandering whim, "How many countless people have passed you by, o' Tree, barely noticing your existence, yet taking shelter beneath your rich green foliage?"

As we rush through our daily life, filled with distractions and illusions of this world, we often forget what truly matters. I thanked the tree for giving me a shade, and gently pressed my palm against its brittle grey bark. In the name of God that made you, thank you! In the name of the Prophet, thank you for your beauty!

Sarawak. When I was away in Sarawak, I was often close to tears. Not out of sadness, but joy. And a sense of overwhelming thankfulness for being surrounded by my beautiful friends, and beautiful trees. Arriving early in the town of Kuching I was brought to a cemetery near my friend's house to visit his late father, grandparents and great grandfather.

There, nestled among the shrubbery and trees, I found his ancestors's graves and the historical link to a beautiful history.  And I, Taufiq the recalcitrant sinner, playing an unlikely part in my friend's own story.  Winding through history like a path through the spiritual station of honoured ones, we find ourselves here today - somewhere in the most beautiful lore of the Prophet Muhammad (saws). Thus, our sincere prayers is that Allah (swt) shall allow us to contribute a chapter to His Habibullah's (saws) story, whether as a beautiful rose or even a fern or a humble blade of grass or moss... That is enough already.

Don't you agree, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

Thursday, November 27, 2014


The Wind Tree
If you wish to fly like the wind,
You must have roots like the tree.

A Hullo. Hullo there, sunshine. I must admit that it has been some time since I last wrote here in the almanac. I do not know if I will continue writing regularly henceforth, but let us not worry about that...

Reality of History. You know, it is no good to desire some transcendental ascent, without good solid grounding in reality, and in particular, how our own history shapes it.

For history tells us how we come to be here today. Through the daily lives of our fathers and mothers, and our forefathers before them, through their fate we are led to this point in our life, and our own fate, insignificant as it may seem in the greater cosmos.

Importance and Self-importance. Yet, you are not insignificant. Whether you are a beggar in the street, a reveler in the nightclub or a dervish in the mosque, you are certainly important. Most importantly because you are beloved and cared by your Creator.

The risk is how our own hubris and pride takes that divine importance and turn it into damnable self-importance. 

The True Self is... Perhaps this is why I have been writing less nowadays. Repelled by my own horrible sense of self-importance. I guess I am tired of feeling like a fake faker, Ooh, Taufiq you fool, so full of your 'self'! I know this because an ancient friend tells me this - 'your true self is in your actions, actions motivated by selflessness. Any other reason for conduct is an illusion and a trap.'  

The Sole Reason for History. If only I could just let go and disappear. For I can sense the roots that entwine us all in the clay of our fragile humanity. There, in our shared history is all the nourishment we need for a better future. All the lessons and examples, the parables and wisdom of the Prophets of God. 

But knowing something is not the same as living something. So please, pray for me, sunshine! May Allah (swt) bless your kindness with the attention and guidance of Nabi Muhammad (saws), for he is the epitome of selflessness and generosity, and the entire cause and reason for our creation and history.

Don't you agree?  

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

THE GOSSAMER WEB OF GOD ...and the great inner-verse of emptiness

Gossamer Web of God
The slightest nuance 
May break me,
Some thoughtless words 
May kill me,
A bad idea may despoil
And end my story,

I am spun in a loom,
I am made from the finest thread,
I am fatal as your burial shroud
And your wedding bed, 

I am a string of thoughts
Woven into a form,
Given meaning and a name;
I am a Gossamer Web
Of God,

I am you. 

I am only waiting for you 
To remember... 

As you grow old, as the invincibility of your youth leaves you, as you take time to ponder, you will realise that we are so intangible. 

It is as if, God created us to fill an emptiness, but in doing so, we come to also feel the emptiness, and thus, although we have a form, we  continue to remain empty

And what fills the great emptiness that lay between our smallest sub-atomic particles that make up us? Nothing. A great inner-verse of emptiness. In that state lies the sirr (secret) of  dzikr, the remembrance of God Almighty - For as opposites attract, so we are naturally drawn towards the Reality and Truly Tangible, yearning for the Absolute and the Eternal, and that is Him the One and Only.

Help me remember, o' Prophet!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Metaphors and Divine Promises

Realities, Metaphors and Analogies
If you say this world is real,
I will not disagree with you,
If you say this world is illusory,
I will not disagree with you,
If you say that this world is a metaphor,
I will not disagree with you,
As a reality and an analogy,
I will not disagree with you.

For every day, and every moment,
So long as you are a thinking and feeling
Member of the human race,
You will live in both worlds,
Standing across two meanings
Whose divide is wider than the Universe,
Seeing illusions and bearing witness
To His Embrace, He that is God Almighty,
The Last and the First.

I have not written much but here I am, still very much alive and kicking. Metaphorically, speaking. He he he.

Have a wonderful Eidul Adha, sunshine. May Allah (swt) ease our journey from faithlessness to faithfulness, from all that is ugly and illusory to all that is true and lovely... towards Muhammad Habibullah, Mercy to all the Worlds (saws).

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Divine Promises
Escape the illusion of the bars that cage your soul,
Remember God and His Prophet,
Remember the divine promises long foretold!

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

Sunday, September 7, 2014

PINCHED AND SO CLOSE... and yet so far

All Pinched
The love of the Prophet is a garden in my heart. 
And it is so beautiful, so wondrous that at times 
I pinch myself that it is indeed here at all. 

By Allah the Generous, 
That is why you find me in this state... 
So bruised by so many pinching. 

So Close Yet So Far
I take these words and passing thoughts of you to present to you, o' Beloved,
But they are never enough. for I see and can barely comprehend 
Your beauty and magnificent mercy, 
Only for Allah to raise your noble station higher and more honoured. 
Yet you say you care for my soul far better than I myself?... 

By Allah the Tender, 
That makes me feel so close to you
And yet so far from you.

The worth of man or a woman is measured by how close he or she brings us nearer to you, o' Prophet, O' Most Beautiful Rose in Allah's Secret Garden of Roses, ya Muhammad the Veiled Moon shining upon the forest of incoherent reflection of your blessed eminence and light... so guide the guide to us, and leave us not to our own caprice!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Notrumi Embun, 7th September 2014

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

Monday, September 1, 2014


A Bonfire of White Fire
You are my wonder
You are my mystery
You are my forever
And I would lay waste
All my world for You
In a bonfire of white fire,
If it was Your pleasure,

You are my perfection
You are my redeemer
My Guide and my Master
And how I regret each breath
That I steal when of You
I fail to remember,

For it is theft that I commit,
It is a fraud that I abet,
It is a lie that I aid to fulfill,
The vainglory of my capricious will...

When oh Lord, oh Master,
I forget myself for even a moment.
By forgetting my God, Allah, and Muhammad, my Master,

The seconds are endless... the days countless... the years, shamefully many in which I, your writer, has constantly failed to remember God Almighty, and His Habibullah, Nabi Muhammad (saws).

For I fear that for far too long, I, your sinner, was easily persuaded by the temporary distractions of this world, by the poison honey, the chemical happiness, the cheap tawdry gratification so well presented in the window shop of this reality. 

But not you, sunshine. You who are my betters, saw through the deception of this ego-world, and learned well the lessons. At the knees of the wise, you learned to discern the true sweetness of love, the honey of submission, the wine of exaltation in the praise of Allah swt and the wonder that is the Holy al-Quran and the sunnah (traditions) of His Beloved Muhammad (saws).

If you can spare a cup of knowledge, a drop of compassion, a hint of hope, pour your love in my direction, and keep me in your prayers, please. You may consider yourself ordinary, my readers. But I see you very differently. You are my hope for my humanity. So grip tight the robes of the saints and the saintly!  

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Notrumi Embun, 1st September 2014

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way   

Sunday, August 31, 2014

MERDEKA POEM 2014 - Shed Me No Tear.

Shed Me No Tear
Don't mourn my passing,
Don't shed a tear,
What is death but
The end of my dying
As I change from one
Dress for another 
Infinitely better.

Don't mourn my passing
Don't shed a tear,
What is death but
The end of my living
As I trade this world
And all its baubles
For His Love undeniable
And for His Mercy incomparable.

So don't mourn my passing, my dear
And shed not a tear,
For I am coming to the Truth unveiled...

That there is no beginning, no passing,
No ending of anything for me,
That there is no there, no here
No distance to deceive me.
So you see,,,
Finally, when I have shed my veil,
Rejoice for me
And shed me no tear.

Closure. Someone said something the other day. With the arrival of the deceased Malaysians who perished on board flight MH17, he observed kindly, "Perhaps the family will get some closure now."

Openings. When my mother died in 2002, and my brother on September 14th 2013, I wanted no closure. I wanted an opening. I do not want to be led into an enclosure of my memories of them. I wanted more, and unconsciously, I guess, I kept asking God for more.

I am fortunate that I am friends with those who feel the same way. After all, there is more than two billion Muslims who attend to their daily lives talking not only to God Almighty, but to His Beloved, Nabi Muhammad (saws) - a direct connection vouched by the Prophet Muhammad (saws) himself.

Twin Calamities. My country has faced twin calamities in the disappearance of MH370 and the downing of MH17 this year. But in such tragedies there are openings. For nothing happens without a reason, and it is my fervent hope that my couintrymen will show the world a response that is circumspect with understanding, wisdom and submission to His Will. 

We are a little minnow in God's ocean of nations. And in good and bad times, we turn to Him and seek the guidance of His Habibullah (saws) always. 

Our prayers this 57th Merdeka Day go to our founding fathers, both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, who have blessed our country with their courage and endurance, their love and compassion. 

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Notrumi Embun, 31st August 2014

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

Saturday, August 23, 2014

IN THE WINDOW-SHOP OF THE WORLD, THE ONLY ITEM FOR SALE IS MADNESS - MH17, rejecting despair, embracing hope and the real struggle within us all...

Our Struggle
Today I declare my struggle against hubris,
Against hatred and bigotry,
Against the warmongers and the war profiteers,
Against the hidden hands and their well-dressed murderers,

Today I declare my struggle against the ignorance of Man and their arrogance,
Against their petty quarrels and pious slights,
Against the venom of the backbiters,
Against the whispers of the whisperers in the night
Taunting Man to fight and kill for his 'rights',

Today I declare my struggle against all these vices,
But above all else, I declare my struggle against these vices in me,
Shadowing my waking and sleeping hour
Giving my heart no rest till
My very soul tremble and cower,

Today I seek the Light upon Light, to guide and save me
Lest I be yet another slave to 
The One-eyed King in 
His Golden Tower.

Don't despair, sunshine. Do not be too worried about the theatre playing in the world stage. Attend to the present, to yourself and to those closest to you.

The world may attempt to bring its conflicts, its wars, its greed, inhumanity and hate to our very doorsteps. But it is forbidden to enter. Not unless you permit it to enter.

MH17. Yesterday, being a Friday, the whole nation of Malaysia mourned for the loss of innocent lives onboard MH17. A day of mourning was declared as the remains of our fellow citizens were brought home with honour and solemnity. But the question remains - someone shot it down, and I used to wonder aloud, "If we found out who really did it, whom should we invade? Russia or Ukraine?"

Russia or Ukraine? But truth be told, I am not wanting to declare jihad (struggle) on anyone really. For at the moment they are like little dusts messing the threshold of my soul. And I want nothing of the madness that appears to be the only item for sale in the window-shop of this world.

The real struggle. You and I, we are concerned with the inestimable infinity. What is a few days, years or centuries in our heart? For we are busy making our heart presentable for the Light of Muhammad (saws), and everything else are false and worthless distractions, pretentious facsimile to the True Reality of God Almighty. That is the struggle we are endeavouring to win, a struggle from the moment our conscience understands right and wrong, until we are returned to the bosom of the earth, back to Allah (swt).

So I will see you there, yes? In the antechamber of the heart, where secrets are revealed again and again and again. Hold my hand, sunshine. For I am always in need of guidance and encouragement. And that fact, alas, is no secret at all!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Notrumi Embun, 23rd August 2014

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

Sunday, August 17, 2014

STUPIDITY TRAVELING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT... and the few not joining the race.

You Are Never Alone
If you feel disconnected,
Underwhelmed by
The Consumer Society,
Don't worry,
For you are not alone...

If you feel sidelined,
For nobody's side
Appears appealing,
Don't fret about it,
For you are not alone...

If you ask yourself,
Why do I bother
To read the news
Or the walls on Facebook,
Don't be anxious
For you are not alone...

If you are in a group,
And all the chats revolve
Around insignificant things,
It is no course for concern,
For you are not alone...

You are never alone.

We are here with you.

Why am I here? I wonder sometimes. Why do I bother opening the newspaper in the morning. Why do I bother to read tweets and postings on Facebook walls. The amount of vitriol, sarcasm, cynicism, hubris, hate, envy, depression, misinformation, propaganda, under-researched conclusions, racism and bigotry, and just plain old simple imbecility is breath-taking.

Not all sharing is good. It is not that I think this generation is particularly more bad than the previous ones. But the instantaneous sharing (or crowing, is another word) of things online is just too easy. Here we are, sitting with our laptop or smartphones, and throwing our thoughts into the cyber world as if there is no one out there to judge what we write. But you are judged by your peers. All the time, 24/7. 

Online crows real life turtle doves. The funny thing is that when you personally meet some of these online crows, they turn out to be so much more nicer and sensible birds of an altogether different plumage. What is it about writing and sharing online which appears to bring out the bad in people?

Stupidity traveling at the speed of light. You know, there is no harm keeping some bad thoughts in us. For we are all generally normal human beings with normal bias and social conditioning which has made us less than perfect. Often, with the grace of God Almighty, we never actually get around to act out the bad deeds. And in the old days, where you would have to write a letter and post it to a newspaper or magazine and hope that the editor might choose your letter or opinion to publish, the chances of you actually permanently sharing your opinions are actually very, very small. Now though, every envy, every malice, every misinformation, every hubris and idiotic observations will have potentially millions of audience at the press of the button. The Disinformation and Corruption Superhighway we can call it. Hate and Stupidity racing across the globe at the speed of light.

Oh boy.

Doing good. But I am kept on the net because of a few. And these few shine like bright stars in an otherwise ocean of malice, hubris and foolishness. So thank you, sunshine... for without you, what little faith I have in humanity would long have ebbed with the rising tide of violence, corruption and exploitation that appears to be part and parcel of our daily life nowadays. 

They are not all Muslims, these few. But they are living their lives in worshipful praise of God with no agenda, no objectives and no particular aim save one... To do good. 

And to the good is to do God's work.

Don't you agree, sunshine? Auw... bless your heart.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

- Notrumi Embun, 17th August 2014

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

Saturday, August 9, 2014


In the Court of the King
Every day has its night,
Every night has its dawn,
Every thing that is physical
Has its spiritual mirror,

Every effort has its end,
Every end has a beginning,
Every moth has its moment,
Prostrating like a servant
In the Court of the King.

The firmness of your stance is important in archery. A certain rigidity is required from your torso down to your waist to the soles of your feet. There is no good aiming and adjusting your aim with your eyes and your arms and hands when you are swaying about like a willow in the wind. So be firm in your footing on this precarious world.

In life however, in the pursuit of truth, a certain flexibility is required. In the opening of the book of the day, in which you will write who and what you are for the next 24 hours, a little fluidity will go a long way to make your story a beautiful one. So be fluid in your reflections.

And if the day is wearing you down, do not be afraid to pause. It is no loss to you if you do so. Speak to your God and tell him your worries and care. Unburden unto Him and let go of your troubles. So be gentle and kind to yourself as God is to you.

There is much sorrow and confusion in the world simply because Mankind often limits God's love, mercy and compassion to what they can themselves conceive in their small and often damaged hearts. So do not put limits to His all-encompassing Mercy and Compassion, and try as best as you can to put none on your own.

Have a lovely Sabbath, sunshine. 

-Notrumi Embun, 9th August 2014

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

Monday, August 4, 2014

Human Usury & the Divine Debt - between servitude and servanthood

Servitude or Servanthood?
Indebtedness to usurious men
Will imprison you forever 
In the chains of servitude.

Indebtedness to God and His Prophet
Will release you from your enslavement,
And bring you to the station of servanthood.

Human Usury. When I am a little (or a lot) late in paying my credit card bills, car instalments, phone bills, my daily life suddenly becomes stressful with the constant barrage of calls, emails, sms-es and legal notices, all of them making it plain that woeful consequences will befall me if I fail to regularise my account. This is the curse of the credit-driven consumer society that we live in now.

Divine Debt. God is so different though we are utterly indebted to Him for everything, He do not even ask to be repaid, for He knows very well that we cannot. All He asks is that we realise our indebtedness to Him, and that we use our heart and our mind to conjecture from there how best to live our life.

And this admission of indebtedness will make us rich beyond our imagination. 

Creation and all its contents cannot be weighed
Against the heart of a true believer
For he sees beyond his worldly needs,
Piercing the veil to see
The all-nourishing attribute
Of the Creator Almighty...

And on top of all these divine goodies, God the Giver is asking us to continue asking more and more from Him... His generosity is infinite and incomparable. 

If you are attending to matters of the Infinite,
You have to start loving infinitely.

Which brings us to our greatest debt to God... His Beloved, Nabi Muhammad (saws), the Mercy to all the Worlds and Nations. 

You don't remember asking God for the Prophet (saws)? You did, my friend, you certainly did - a long, long time ago, before your soul was ever dressed in your mortal coil, before any mountain grew from the earth, before any bird flew in the sky. 

wa min Allah at-taufiq

-Notrumi Embun, 4th August 2014

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way 

Monday, July 14, 2014

THE SYARIA AND HUDUD, The Prose (Part 1)

The Syaria (The Journey, the Garden and the Fruit)
I saw a journey,
Where I saw you, and I saw myself,
And along the path there were
Beautiful places to rest,
Restful places to ponder God,
As Love, as Life, as the Sustainer
And the Only Nourisher,
I saw goodness and kindness,
Compassion for humanity,
For the birds and the animals,
For even the rocks and water
That filled the mountains and valleys,
And above us in the journey,
Is a constant sky of guiding stars,
As we discover along the many stations,
More and more knowledge of the universe,
But always, subservient in its synchronicity
With the Universal Truth of God...
Thou Most Beautiful, Most Lovely!

And the road on which the journey
Begins and ends...
It was known as the Syaria.

I saw a garden, a paradise,
Wonderous in its colours,
Glorious in its breadth,
As if the Creator Himself
Has taken the trouble 
To paint each petal of flower,
Each pebble in a glistening stream,
With His own beauty and wisdom,
Each creature and creation,
Competing in fierce rivalry,
To best praise God...
Thou Most Compassionate, Utmost in Mercy!

And around the garden stood fences,
White as light, bright as a thousand suns,
And the fences were also known
As the Syaria,

I saw in the blessed garden a fruit,
And the fruit was nourishing,
It was delightful and tasteful
Whatever your taste may be,
It was good for you,
And it was good for me,
The inside of the fruit changes in colour
According to your needs and fancy,
Its texture can be hard or soft,
And according to your need, crumbly or fleshy,
Nourishing you from the beginning to the end,
An assurance from garden of the Almighty...
Thou Most Companionable, Thou Best of Hosts,
Thou Friend of Friends!

And the protective skin of the fruit,
Keeping the flesh pure and pristine,
Shining in the garden like a beacon
Guiding our wavering, floundering conscience,
That too was known as the Syaria.

This is a longish tale, so forgive the sinner if he spreads his wings over a couple of postings. But I think it is worthwhile expanding our contemplation a little... Hope you are all having an awesome Ramadan Kareem...

wa min Allah at-taufiq

-Notrumi Embun, 14th July 2014

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

Friday, July 11, 2014

WE WANT TO BE NIGHTINGALES, SO WHY DO WE CROW? ... contemplation of a spiritual amoeba.

The Nightingale in the Night
Sing to the Lord, about the Lord,
Sing to the Lord, about His Prophet, 
That is enough for you and me,
To be nightingales singing in the night,
Whether alone or in
A happy company... 

There is good and bad in the social network. But sometimes I feel like giving up the ghost in Facebook. Were it not for like-hearted souls, long would I have abandoned FB.

Crowing. Sometimes we are more like crows than nightingales. All too often I read public comments in postings and tweets, about some celebrity or public personality, changing their lifestyle, changing their dressing, growing a beard and now wearing a hijab (for women that is, he he he). "Good... good!" People are saying, "Good! Finally, he/she has received the inspiration..." I guess such comments are sincere but I cannot but taste a little bit of crowing in the comments. A little bit of 'Ah, I told you so!" in the tone. Because you see, if these are the thoughts that we entertain, then how are we not at least a trifle patronising or condescending? 

What do we know of the trials and tribulations that another soul faces? What do we truly know of their strengths and weaknesses? 

Sadly it is too common that in our commentaries we disclose our prejudices and hidden pride. So quick to claim our rightness, not directly, but by insinuations and innuendoes. 

I am sure that I myself have revealed many of my own biases and prejudices. But I am just taking baby steps... so when I falter, help me, sunshine! Pray for this spiritual amoeba!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

-Notrumi Embun, 11th June 2014.

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way