Monday, July 14, 2014

THE SYARIA AND HUDUD, The Prose (Part 1)

The Syaria (The Journey, the Garden and the Fruit)
I saw a journey,
Where I saw you, and I saw myself,
And along the path there were
Beautiful places to rest,
Restful places to ponder God,
As Love, as Life, as the Sustainer
And the Only Nourisher,
I saw goodness and kindness,
Compassion for humanity,
For the birds and the animals,
For even the rocks and water
That filled the mountains and valleys,
And above us in the journey,
Is a constant sky of guiding stars,
As we discover along the many stations,
More and more knowledge of the universe,
But always, subservient in its synchronicity
With the Universal Truth of God...
Thou Most Beautiful, Most Lovely!

And the road on which the journey
Begins and ends...
It was known as the Syaria.

I saw a garden, a paradise,
Wonderous in its colours,
Glorious in its breadth,
As if the Creator Himself
Has taken the trouble 
To paint each petal of flower,
Each pebble in a glistening stream,
With His own beauty and wisdom,
Each creature and creation,
Competing in fierce rivalry,
To best praise God...
Thou Most Compassionate, Utmost in Mercy!

And around the garden stood fences,
White as light, bright as a thousand suns,
And the fences were also known
As the Syaria,

I saw in the blessed garden a fruit,
And the fruit was nourishing,
It was delightful and tasteful
Whatever your taste may be,
It was good for you,
And it was good for me,
The inside of the fruit changes in colour
According to your needs and fancy,
Its texture can be hard or soft,
And according to your need, crumbly or fleshy,
Nourishing you from the beginning to the end,
An assurance from garden of the Almighty...
Thou Most Companionable, Thou Best of Hosts,
Thou Friend of Friends!

And the protective skin of the fruit,
Keeping the flesh pure and pristine,
Shining in the garden like a beacon
Guiding our wavering, floundering conscience,
That too was known as the Syaria.

This is a longish tale, so forgive the sinner if he spreads his wings over a couple of postings. But I think it is worthwhile expanding our contemplation a little... Hope you are all having an awesome Ramadan Kareem...

wa min Allah at-taufiq

-Notrumi Embun, 14th July 2014

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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