Monday, March 21, 2011

Drunk like a Cat - Umrah Pilgrimage Part 8

Juzz a leetle beet more, my good man. Hic!

I don't know how long I can make it being this way. I am kinda indiferrent and calm at this moment, sprawled as I am on the floor of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. But if I allow myself a moment to think about what is about to happen (God Willing), this trip to Jerusalem, Medina and Mecca... and the planned visitations to the resting place of the Prophet and Prophets, Saints and Companions... well I get a little dizzy. I lose my balance between past and present. I lose my sobriety, I become intoxicated.

The wonderful thing about this kinda of intoxication is that I will have no regrets. I shan't be worried about my picture turning up on the internet looking like a darn fool.
Wait... Am I gonna regret this picture...!?

Perhaps I am lucky this way, I don't know. There is no hangover to suffer, no bills to be paid at the end of this Maqam Crawl, unlike a pub crawl.

I have to leave pretty soon. Tabung Haji (The National Pilgrimage Fund) are giving a pre-flight talk. I wish I can write more. Perhaps later.

Have a good day, sunshine. Tonight I am a traveler.

Pax Taufiqa.

Auntie Nab, Rabia & Salman in Jerusalem - Umrah Pilgrimage Part 7

(If unclear, please click on picture)

Rabi'ah al-'Adawiyah. She is a saint. Perhaps the most well known and revered of woman saints in the lore of the wise masters and their foolish students.

Auntie Nab. I have heard of her of course. A couple of years back after my mother passed away, I spent time with an old, old friend of my mother, Auntie Nab. She is an integral part of my life because she was the ‘matchmaker’ between my mom and dad. I guess you could say that without Auntie Nab’s timely intervention, I may have never been born.

Auntie Nab is a reader and admirer of Rabia. Women are often fond of Rabia because she always has something to say about man and our weaknesses – exposing our little petty vanities for the world to take lesson (and often giggle at). Like this story…

Hasan and Rabia.
One day, Hasan al-Basri (ancient big-time saint and contemporary of Rabia) made a point to visit Rabia. But he did not take the bus, neither did he walk, ride a camel or any of the many mundane ways of transport available to him in those days. Hassan flew. Saints get to do this magical stuffs once in a while. Rabia was outdoor when Hassan came swooping down like an angel from heaven. And as he was descending, Rabia called unto him, saying, “O’ Hasan, even birds can fly!”

Jerusalem. Such is Rabia that she even has things (many, many, many things, in fact) to say to God Himself. I hope I shall be visiting her soon. Her maqam (tomb) is near Jerusalem (or maybe in Jerusalem?), and it is part of the itinerary of the tour for Tuesday. Am I excited? I am, but being it is Rabia herself, I am approaching her with deference (and not a little caution). It is always a good idea for men to be circumspect and careful when dealing with women, especially women saints.

Salman al-Farsi. On the same day we shall also be visiting the maqam of Salman al-Farsi, a great and beloved Companion of the Prophet. My hands trembled when I read the itinerary because I know him. He is a wonderful human being… a true Lover of the Beloved of God.

Have a lovely Monday, sunshine. Today, I am a traveler.

Pax Taufiqa.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It is hard to write when I am not here - Umrah Pilgrimage Part 6

1. Absent in the past, present and future
When I think of the past, I visit it,
And when I return to the present
I leave a little of myself behind
To contemplate the past further.

When I think of the future, I visit it,
And when I return to the present
I leave a little of myself behind
To contemplate the future further.

When I contemplate Love, I visit Him,
But Love refuses to grant leave of me,
So I am ever in contemplation of Him,
And am in truth now
Absent from my past, present and future.

So who is typing all these words now?

Ooh… I don’t know!

Perhaps I am already in Jerusalem, Medina or Mecca? But the butterflies in my stomach, my edginess (sorry, Heche) and my bedroom floor littered with things still unpacked bear witness that I, Taufiq is still here in Malaysia. So that is good. It is hard to write when I am not here.

This is the 6th pre-Umrah posting. I hope you have enjoyed my wandering thoughts across the wilderness of my soul. But truthfully, when I contemplate the coming days and nights in the perfumed air of Arabia… my mind draws a blank. It is like love, and we are forever in desperation because of Love. Not in anticipation of bad things, but in nervous expectation of all that is Wonderful and Good - when God finally says to you, “Hullo there, pilgrim.” ...

2. Desperately in love
There are banners fluttering in the breeze,
Called by the whisper of a silent praise
Sung by someone for Muhammad.

And I sit beneath a blue sky,
And a rising light illuminating
A mosque of my heart.

I am desperately in love with my Lord,
I am desperately in love with His Love,
And I am desperately in love with you.

And sometimes, Love is manifest in a man / woman, in the words gently breathed from an awaken slumber… “I love you.”

I am going to the three greatest mosques on the surface of the planet. But in whichever holy soil that I am on, I am sure I shall always see you there, sunshine. Because we are not divided by our faiths, not when all rivers of Love run its final course to the Mercy Ocean. And there, it is you that I see.

God bless you, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.

Dzikr & Salawat, Hot & Cold, Mecca & Medina, New York & North Dakota - Umrah Pilgrimage Part 5

In the circle of seekers that I sometimes trespass into, they often depict the dzikr (remembrance of God) as a form of 'hot' worship while the salawat (praise and salutations of peace to the Prophet) has a cooling effect on the aspirants of the path.
This is an interesting reflection on the twin cities of Islam, Mecca and Medina. To be absolutely honest, I have not heard any pilgrims recounting how comfortable and convenient Mecca is compared to Medina. Medina, which contains the Raudah of the Prophet is always said to be more friendly, more clean and more comfortable. While Mecca, which is the home of the Baitullah (House of God) is often mentioned to be a chaotic, awe-inspiring, uncomfortable and more dangerous. Visitors also observe that the holy city is littered with the debris of life and humanity.
Even during the times of the Prophet, Mecca was already famous as a centre of pilgrimage of Christians, Jews and heathens. It was also an important trading centre of Arabia, and a great cosmopolitan hub, full of traders coming from Africa, the Mediterranean, India and Asia Central. Medina was quiet city, known rather as a farming community and its excellent dates (Abdullah, the father of the Prophet, passed away returning from Medina bearing its dates to celebrate the birth of his son, Muhammad. There is story here, but perhaps for another time.) Let's just say that Mecca is like New York and Medina is more Bismark, North Dakota.
So now I am going to visit the Prophetic version of NY and ND... coming home to Mecca and Medina, with my friends. But first stop - Jerusalem, via Amman and Tel Aviv. This should be very interesting... And I am not even packed yet! Help!
Have a nice Sunday, sunshine.
Pax Taufiqa.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Entrapment by Love is the Sweetest Servitude - Umrah Pilgrimage Part 4

I arrived late (what’s new?) at the Tabung Haji (The Malaysian Haj Fund) Complex for my short seminar on the manners and guide to performing the Umrah (lesser pilgrimage). There was a 15 minutes recess and I left the compound for a nicotine break.

I made way to a small park across the road, and there was an event. It appears that the local community organized a sepak takraw event. From the crowd, I can see that most of the participants were the local boys. They were all sitting and listening to the pre-game talk by a motivational speaker.

The speaker must be in his late 40s or early 50s. In the beginning he talked about Japan, but not about the tsunami, rather the people. He has previously volunteered in disaster areas like Acheh and Pakistan. He recounted how the aid volunteers sometimes had to flee from the mass of desperate refugees when they arrived at the camps bearing food and medical supplies. Hungry, battered and angry, people simply forget themselves and their everyday manners. Clamoring for aid, the situation often deteriorated into a free-for-all. No wonder the police and army had to be on hand to keep chaos at bay.

“How different it was for the Japanese”, he recounted. "The Japanese, instead of falling into a melee, queued orderly and when it is his turn, the man would tell the aid worker his name and current predicament, then asks, 'Am I entitled to the medicine?'" In the super-high stress conditions of post-tsunami, the traditional Japanese way of respect and politeness are, you must admit, truly praiseworthy.

Coming back to the main topic, the speaker continued to say that it is important for you to be disciplined. To wake up early and catch the morning sun. To work and play according to what is beneficial. “There is a good way to have fun. There is a good way to lepak (relax) or play sports.” Then he continued. “All these are not forbidden. But you must find a way how to do these things beneficially.”

The last thing which he touched on was one that is dear to me. He spoke of the Prophet. Obviously he left the best for last. He spoke how in the final moments of the Prophet’s passing, Muhammad Habibullah counseled his nation never to forget solat (prayers). Then the speaker said these words, “Upon the last instance when God’s Beloved breathed his last on earth, what did he utter, and what or whom was his last thoughts? Was it about his favourite camel? Was it about Aisha, his beautiful wife? Was it about his Mosque in Medina? Was it about his daughter, Fatima az-Zahra? Nooo… my friends! He was thinking about you, you and you! You, you and you! All of us here right up to the end of time. He said ‘umati, umati, umati’ (oh my people, my people, my people).”


Entrapment by Love is the sweetest servitude. I try to run from one congregation, and another ambushes me in the park. I have no where to run. Maybe I don't wanna run...

66. Love That Has No Reasons
Lock my heart in love for Thee
With love that has no reasons
So my mind can never sway me
With words all wise but treason.

Lock my heart in love for Thee
With love that has no seasons
So neither snow nor sun in spring
Will steal me from my Loving King.

Lock my heart in love for Thee
And chain me to Your Ocean
Throw away the prison key
And take away my freedom.

Lock my heart in love for Thee
And make my soul Your Garden
Plant in me Your Jasmine Tree
With roots that reach Your Ocean.

Lock my heart in love for Thee
With love to awe this heathen
Make AHAD my beating heart
And make Ahmad my passion.


Have a wonderful Sabbath, pet. This morning I said that I feel the Love. Now I do not see anything but Love. I know this vision shall not last forever, but I don’t care. I am happy.

Pax Taufiqa.

Footnote: The poem above has been posted earlier. But it just suits this posting, so I hope you don’t mind.

Plug in your iGod and listen

"Hey, Mika."
"Hey, Papa."
"Hey, Mika."
"Hey, Papa."
And so on and so forth. Sometimes I just don't know what to say to my son. So I would just call him, and he would reply. I am not asking anything from him, no chores for him to do... I simply wanted to hear his voice. He needn't even turn to look at me. "Hey, Papa" is the validation of a love that I cannot fully comprehend.
You have iGod? And I believe that the analogy which I am meant to learn in this exchange between father and son is in the dzikr (Remembrance of God), which is practised in my religion and in all religion which mankind follows. So many thousands of utterances, perhaps even millions of words of praise of God that you have uttered. Surely God is not deaf, and He hears. And surely God is not mute, thus He must answer. And if we cannot hear His answers, perhaps it is because we fail to speak and listen with our hearts. So plug in your iGod and listen.
"Hey, God."
"Hey, Taufiq."
"How are you, God?"
"Pretty good. And you?"
"Very happy, thank You."
WORSHIP IS A BROADBAND. The total manifestation of solat (prayers), ibadah (worship) dzikr and tasawwuf (inner reflection) of God has been kept open and wide, so that a good person shall reflect on the mystery and wonder of this Creation in all that he does. This is not an obsessive compulsion, nor a 'pious' habit to practise. It is to see Life, Love and God in the smallest of ants to the highest mountain of the Himalayas. And above all to see the loveliness that God has adorn upon the mantle of your loved ones... your Mother and Father, your Brothers and Sisters, your Children and Friends. And in the romance and yielding flesh of your lover.
Have a good Saturday, friends. I am feeling the love today.

.Pax Taufiqa.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mika-San & Papa-San - Umrah Pilgrimage Part 3

MY HOLIDAYS ARE ALWAYS KINDA. I am on leave today, kinda. But I still have to come into the office to ensure smooth transfer of pending client work. I shall also be bringing my laptop to blog and possibly work if necessary. When you are running a business, holidays are always 'kinda'. I am not complaining, I like my job and love my partners and crew. My office is authorized to contact me on ICU-only basis, which means my client is having a Code-Red legal dilemma and needs my advice to resuscitate him. I am lucky to have core clients whom I love. Not many lawyers have the privilege to say that. I am lucky, I guess. Anyway, the Prophet says that work is also ibadah (worship), so I don’t think he would mind.

I spent sometime with Mika this morning, and a thought struck me. I will be gone for 2 weeks in my Umrah Pilgrimage and shan’t see him for awhile. I won’t be seeing him at breakfast, and he won’t be there when I wake up in the middle of the night. Suddenly I felt terribly melancholic. Suddenly I don’t mind his endless chatter and his dry wit…
PAPA-SAN & MIKA-SAN. I think about the Japanese (who doesn’t nowadays?) and how there may be hundreds or even thousands of pairs of Papas and Mikas who has lost either his Mika or his Papa in the recent tsunami and earthquake. They shan’t see each other again (in this world). What a terribly sorrow it must be. Really I cannot put into words the feeling of utter loss that they must be feeling right now. There is a big hole in the universe for such people, and the world shall never be the same again to them.

May God give us such courage and strength to face what fate has in store for us and our beloved. By Love, for Love and through Love, in each step of the way, in each breath of our life..

Pax Taufiqa.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Dragon Ego, the Donkey Ego and the Mouse Ego

57. Flying high and getting wet
I am flying high
Astride my ego,
A fearsome fiery dragon.

But I am twisting the reins now,
To send my ego and me careening,
Plummeting like a stone through
The breaking clouds
Falling into the rushing
And waiting sea.

In her deep blue waters,
Will the fire of my dragon
Be doused, and for me
To rise once again
From the waves,
Astride my ego,
But now tamed
And trained.

How easily I recorded the above verse. For the simple fact that Saints are sent to address mankind on the nature and threat of the human ego, the taming of your dragon is no easy feat. In the circle that I orbit, the dragon is also often referred as a donkey, and in one posting at least, I referred to the Hindu reflection of the human ego as a little itsy bitsy mousie.
How easy it would be if indeed the ego was in fact a dragon, donkey or rodent. Then at least you could see it clearly with your physical eyes. Alas, it is not so simple...
The ego is a hard working fella. And your constant companion. It will keep you company in a pub, in a toilet, at work and at play. It is your shadow while you are driving, working and making love. The ego's nature is delicate and its finesse in playing with our mind is a wonder in itself. In your highest tribute to your faith and God, it will squeeze in between each prayer you pray, each charity you give, each fast you complete. It is in the choir of a church and in the cave of a hidden hermit high in the cliffs of the Hindu Kush. It is in the palm of your hand as you play with your rosary beads and tasbih. Your ego is your enemy. The worst is that it is often very difficult to differentiate between you and your enemy.
May you be guided in true servanthood that you would see with your third eye the nature of the ego within you, and the wisdom to tame this creature who is you but never you. Servanthood - I am thinking that is the best way. What do you think?
As someone who thinks so highly of himself, I need all the help I can get. So I ask that you pray for me, sunshine. But don't tell me if you do.
Pax Taufiqa

Following an Angel to Medina - Umrah Pilgrimage Part 2

90. I saw an angelI saw an angel
Walking in the
High grass,
I said hello,
But he just
Walked on past.

I followed him,
And he led me
To a house nearby,
And there I saw him peering
Through a window,
Listening intently
To the Prophet’s hymn,
Sung within.

As the music resonated,
The angel begin
To glimmer with love,
More glittering than the
Bright afternoon sun
Shining above.

Once the music finished,
He turned to leave and saw me,
“Where are you going now”,
I asked,

He looked at me for awhile,
Then he replied,
“To the Prophet I go,
To Medina, to bring a message
To the Messenger.”

“What message?”, I replied

With a smile, he answered
“That his nation have not forgotten him,
Not in thought, deeds, words or hymn.”

After years of 'thinking about it', finally I have decided to follow the angel and make my way to the Masjid Nabawi in Medina. And like the heavenly creature, I too will carry as much as I can the wonderful and fascinating people whom I have met in these past 41 years of my life. For it has been the greatest of honour for me to know people of many differing faiths, but an unwavering belief in the One God, people who (without even realising it) exhibit many of the Sunnah (traditions) of the Prophet, and by doing so make them precious to me. Because simply put, the fitrah (essence) of Muhammad which shines in the soul of each human being on earth cannot be veiled by the skin that we wear, the dress that we adorn nor the religion that we practise. Muhammad is of Islam, but He is also sent as a Mercy to the World(s).
And for my beloved brethren who, in their muddled and often distracted way try to follow (the best that they can) the Sunnah and spend their idle hours talking about the Prophet, praising his character and cry in yearning and joy for the moment when they will come face to face with their and God's Beloved... I will carry your faces in my heart, and every single words that you have uttered in the love and desire for Muhammad... I hope I will be able to carry them all to Medina. I am sorry that in me is a foolish and unworthy vessel for such intimate memories... but this is me, a sinner - and I am going home... to Medina.
Its Thursday, sunshine. Come Monday night I will be boarding a Royal Jordanian flight. I will bring each and everyone of you with me, even if I do not know you at all! Your anonymity is no big problem in this journey. You ARE coming with me... Ya Huuuuuuu!
Hehehe. Pax Taufiqa
Earlier Posting - Umrah Pilgrimage Part 1

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japanese Tsunami, Democratic Tsunami, Education & the Informed Voter

DEMOCRACY. You may notice from my previous postings (Click Here) that I am not an unconditional admirer of democracy. Democracy, like any system by which you run your country, and indeed your life, is subject to the quality and integrity of the operators of the system.
COMMUNISM AND OTHER RELIGION. After all, if you were to read the Constitution of the former Soviet Union, the freedom of religion is protected in the document. But that didn't stop the government oppression of all religious practices in the country, especially the Russian Orthodox Church, and Islam in the Central Asian states (you know, all those '...stans').
ISLAM & OTHER RELIGION. It is also my belief that Islam respects and accepts the mix of religions of this world which venerate our One Single God. This 'Unity of Religion' is mentioned by Mawlana Abul Kalam Azad in his brilliant book (Click Here), and here too he finds it strange why such an integral and core belief of the Prophet has been intentionally or unwittingly ignored or even suppressed. This is the unfortunate result of a disconnect between the faith and those who practise it. This human illness is a common disease in all forms of belief systems.
THE DEMOCRATIC TSUNAMI. Unless you have been sitting under a coconut shell like a frog, you will know of the tidal wave of democractic protests crashing into the countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The media calls the demonstrations and rallies as an expresson of pro-democratic movements. And I guess they are right in the sense that people are fighting for some pretty basic demoractic rights from rulers who have perhaps been in power waaay too long. But the question is what plans do they have once they have toppled their autocratic leaders? This crucial issue must be resolved by the people. If they don't do it, two things may happen - the country will descend into further chaos OR someone else will decide for them. They need a plan.
This is not a plan.

THE PLAN? We have been hearing almost nothing about the specific ideas and objectives of these pro-democracy movements. In fact, there appears to be no clear leadership. And that is worrying..

THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION. In whatever system you choose for your country, there must be some process or tradition by which people are educated. Because, lets face it, voting is a highly emotive choice and such decision-making must be made in context of long-term benefits for the country, a healthy knowledge of the origin and history of its people, a respect for the often conflicting interests of different communities, races and religion, and a broad if not specific understanding of technology and sciences, geo-politics and the economy. You are not born with this information already downloaded in your brain. This basic general knowledge must be learnt. And a liberal advance tradition of education is the key to make what I call the Informed Voter...

The devastating wave

JAPANESE TSUNAMI. I am not a card-carrying Nipponophile (is there such a word?). But we must accept that these Japanese have arisen like the phoenix from the traumatic years and ashes of World War II. There are much in the habits and traditions of the Japanese that deserves to be applauded and emulated. And I believe that the Japanese in their calm and canny ability to sort our problems will be able to save the most lives, compared to many other countries around the world. To put it simply, their high quality education system will bear fruit in these times of national tragedy and emergency, when everyone needs to now to roll up their sleeves and get digging.
Saved! Ya Huuuu!
HIGH QUALITY EDUCATION is the seed for any human enterprise, whether it is voting for the mayor of your town, planning to topple a dictator, saving people stuck on rooftops or trying to figure out how to repair a broken nuclear reactor.
Thank you for reading my blog today, sunshine. May we all learn something new every day till the day we finally graduate from the University of Life. And may the Chancellor-God Almighty be pleased with our performance. Amen!
Pax Taufiqa

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


All Ours
All things invented and made,
All things written and read,
All things of beautiful birth
Are in truth, ours.
NAME? We don’t care if your name is Otto, Joshua, Ahmad, Lee, Loo, Kim, Katherine, Ambiga, Billy Bob, Sarah, Hana, Anne, Arnu, Sven, or Svetlana. You were once a beautiful baby… sprung in a beautiful birth from a beautiful mother.


RELIGION? Differing faiths doesn’t stand in the way of Love. In fact, differing faiths is the necessary precedence of Love. It is so easy to love what is familiar. True Love, the Brightest Star in the Firmament of Divine Reflection is to love what is unfamiliar and strange.

REMEMBER? But you are not a stranger to us. The colour of your skin maybe different, the mantra that you recite is unlike ours… But you are still familiar to us. We met once before. Before Time began we vowed our love for one another. Then God said, “Go find each other on earth!” So we were separated for awhile. But now you are here and we remember our ancient contract.

Who are we?

We are you.
Its true, you know…

Pax Taufiqa.

Torn and Worried in Medina - Umrah Pilgrimage Part 1

26. I am torn
I cannot see you, love
If I come too close,

I am torn, you see.
Between gazing at your beauty,
And grazing in your intimacy,

Torn, between
The all that is you,
And the nothing
That is me.

Torn between
The Sun and His Moon,

Torn and rent asunder
Between the Sunnaturasul,
And the Sunnatullah.

O' Rasulullah,
O' Habibullah,
Have pity and love for me,
I am a garment cut to pieces,
A cloth torn into rags,
I am fit for no one
Anymore but you,
Just you,
Only you.

Come, Taufiq.
Come, for I am created
As a Mercy to the Worlds,
I am blessed with the Cure,
I am dressed with the Remedy,
And I do not discard what others
May consider ill-used and damaged,
For this is how my Lord has made me!

Are you not happy to know this?
Are you not pleased to know me?
Be patient then, o' Taufiq,
For do you not know,
That patience is
Always with me?
(Footnote: 'Sunnatullah' means the Way of God, 'Sunnaturasul' means the Way of the Prophet. 'Rasulullah' means the Prophet of God and 'Habibullah' means the Most Beloved of God)
It is the hardest thing for me. I wish I could be more patient. That way, I will be closer to the Prophet and not this elusive and furtive dervish forever wandering near Medina, gazing with yearning upon Masjid Nabawi (the Mosque of the Prophet), wondering when will he ever get there.
Actually I will be at the Masjid Nabawi soon, if God permits it. My flight for my umrah (small pilgrimage) via Royal Jordanian is leaving this coming Monday(21st March 2011). And to tell you the truth, I am uber nervous. Because I don't just want to be inside the mosque and near his blessed raudah (tomb) ... I want to be with my Prophet. The two is not necessarily the same.
I am planning to continue blogging in this 14 days pilgrimage, which will commence first with a visit to Holy Jerusalem. After that I will drop by Amman before proceeding to Medina and finally Mecca. I hope you will accompany me in this journey. I promise I will write as often as I can.
If you think I have an inkling as to how this trip will be like - I assure you I do not know. I am keeping an open mind and heart... But even as I type this posting, thinking of the umrah makes my heart tremble. Is the Prophet knocking on the door of my heart? Even as I am knocking on his, asking to be let in?

Have a lovely day, pet.
Pax Taufiqa

Monday, March 14, 2011

Golden Arches and a Red Chariot to Salvation

(If unclear please click on the picture)
Yesterday a local man went missing while meditating on top Mount Qaf. He was reputed to be part of a fringe of a fringe of a fringe group of 'mystics'. Last known ambition was to scale the 'Spiritual Station of Divine Irony'. Anyone with any information as to his whereabout should contact the police immediately. He is a lawyer armed with Latin legal maxims and should be approached with caution. Reward of heavenly manna is offered by his family for anyone who knows of his location but keeps it to themselves.

Yes, yes... I am coming!

Life is funny sometimes. It is even funnier if you let your imagination run wild.

Have a nice day, sunshine...

Pax Taufiqa

Unity of Religion, Moderation and Tolerance

13. Moderation
If you choose moderation,
You must be moderate
To those who are not.
And not let your understanding
Lead you to become
What you oppose.

MODERATION. I get moderation. But oh, in so many aspects of my life I am immoderate... my temper (especially while sharing the road with idiotic drivers - see!), my liberal food consumption, my cigarettes... all these bad things I do... I do it immoderately well.
While talking to an old buddy of mine last night, the topic spanned into Islam, secularism, the OIC, belief and how religion has been co-opted into the politial mainstream. This I hope to write about later. What I wish to share with you is when he accused me of being tolerant of other faiths!
GOD LABELS. I guess you could say that I am understanding. Indeed what brought this up is when I said that when it comes to dealing with your co-religionists, it is important for you, whether you are Christian, Jewish or Hindu to support and conform to the forms and labels of your religion. After all, that is the distinguishing fact by which you build unity and brotherhood within your faith. On the other hand, when it comes to interaction with other faiths, what is important to highlight is not the forms and labels - but rather the commonly held belief behind the different names and forms by which the One God is worshipped in different creeds. Common beliefs like steadfastness, patience, kindness, charity, love and compassion. These things by which God is recognised and devotedly worshipped and loved by a Rabbi, a Reverend or a Buddhist Abbot.
IF IT IS EASY IS IT TOLERANCE? But can you say that I am tolerant? For me (and I may be mistaken), tolerance means that there is some will or conscious decision on your part - an inner struggle to accept/tolerate what does not conform to your personal world view. But the pluralism which underlies my belief in the Quranic message of Unity of Religion (see earlier posting on Mawlana Abul Kalam Azad's writings on this -Click Here) is not the conclusion of intellectual thought. It is an overwhelming feeling. So I do not have to struggle to be 'tolerant'. It just happens.
Oh well, who cares, sunshine. After all, isn't my obsession is in the meaning behind the words and not the words themselves? So what does it matter by which names you and I are called... when in Truth, I only hope to follow your good example - united in worship to the Absolutely One God Almighty.
Have a delightedful Monday, pet.
Pax Taufiqa
Picture - It is the Church of the Transfiguration, in Blue Mountain Lake, New York. I just thought it looked beautiful in a cozy sorta way.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Throne of God, the Noble Hope & Divine Surprises

SURPRISE, GOD! There is no way of surprising God. After all, all things are fated to happen. And fate is in God’s hand… so no surprises there, sunshine.
BAD SURPRISES. But I wish I could just for once, surprise God. With a happy one, mind you, and not one of those “I CAN’T believe that you just did that, Taufiq!” kinda surprise Oh no, when it comes to bad / stupid stuffs that I have done, I am an expert.
VERSE OF THE THRONE. It is not fair, I think. After all, God gets to surprise us ALL THE TIME. But I guess, we need him to be 24/7 in the know, otherwise, who can imagine what sort of mess we will get ourselves into. My friend commented to me that I should refer to the holy scriptures once in a while… okaaay. So this is the ayatul-kursi (Verse of the Throne) which kinda makes it plain and clear that God is Ever Vigilant and Ever in the Know…
[2.255] Allah (God)* is He besides Whom there is no god, the Everliving, the Self-subsisting by Whom all subsist; slumber does not overtake Him nor sleep; whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth is His; who is he that can intercede with Him but by His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them, and they cannot comprehend anything out of His knowledge except what He pleases, His knowledge (throne) extends over the heavens and the earth, and the preservation of them both tires Him not, and He is the Most High, the Great.
(*my insert)
I took some pictures of Mika yesterday. I think he is one of the most beautiful surprises that God has given me in my entire life. And the great thing is that it is a gift given to me each and every day when I see him.

Mikhail brought up the world map to show me exactly which countries he wants to conquer. As you can see he cannot make up his mind. But for some strange reason he admires Canada of all countries.

THE NOBLE HOPE. We all feel this way to our children. At the end of the day, what we want is to simply leave this world with the knowledge that we have somehow left it a better place for our children. I am sure we are all holding unto this Noble Hope… Guys like Dennis Piker of North Dakota who continues to be an inspiration safely held in my heart and memory. It was he who uttered the noble hope to me, some 5 years ago in Bismark, North Dakota.

Pax Taufiqa.

Footnote: I have been wanting to share this... I make fun, I Facebook-poke at angels and twist the beards of saints. I approach God and creation without proper levity. But the truth is... Although I am a lone pen in a billion upon billion of pens out there, I take what I write seriously. So... for you who read my almost-twice daily postings... Thank you. Thank you so very much for giving me a little space in the corner of your mind, a little hospitality in the saloon of your soul. May God reward you the kindness you have shown to this sinner and his ramblings.

God is the Anticipation of All that is Beautiful, Good and Wonderous!

36. Soul’s Winter
O’ ye who have strayed and lost thyself!
God has plucked the Good in thee
And deposited it into the care of another.
If thee wishes to find it,
Look for a man in whose heart enters no winter.

With him shall thou recall
The gentler seasons and good
That is in us all.
EVERYBODY DESERVES A MASTER. The above poem, from the chapter 2 entitled 'the Dam.Munir.Ana' was written 7 years ago. It is not talking just about any person, but about a spiritual master. Before I fell into the rabbit-hole that is mysticism, I was taught that Islam is easy, and that by my own rationality I would be able to be a good Muslim.
ISLAM IS EASY but human beings are complex (and often confused) creatures. How will I ever be a good Muslim if I am not a good human being to begin with? We have to start somewhere, and where else could we start but with our own selves. Who we are, what we are, and how we relate to other people and ultimately our Creator. Directly or indirectly, I found this inquiry answered by the Master and the Masters, who are able to stand apart from me and tell me, "O' Taufiq, this is what you are!" Then they would continue, "You can be so much better!"
I HAVE NOT CHANGED ONE BIT. GOD HAS. More than a decade on, have I changed at all? No, I am still me... the despicable sinner. But God? Ahh... God, He has changed in my eyes - what I thought I knew, how little did I know... and now I know absolutely nothing of Him! Every day He is a Wonderous Sight, Unseen but Felt. So I can never say what God truly is presently save that God is the Anticipation of All that is Beautiful, Good and Wonderous. That has changed for me, but not me. And that is the best lesson that the Masters have taught (so far). Ya Huuuu!
Have a lovely Sunday, sunshine. May God save the Japanese. And speed the rescue of the living and grace for those who have already return unto Him. Amen.
Pax Taufiqa

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japanese Tsunami and the Apparent Arbitrariness of Life

TWEETER : TSUNAMI IN JAPAN. In Malaysia, thousands of twitters expressing support, condolences and prayers for the Japanese people shot into the cyberspace, within minutes of the news of the tsunami went online. And across the globe, I am sure millions of tweets shared the same feeling of empathy and worry. With about 4,000 Malaysians registered with our embassy in Tokyo, there are probably now hundreds or perhaps thousands of families here, still worrying about their relatives or friends still as yet uncontactable. The main problem is that it is currently the universities semester break in Japan now. So some students and their families are out of town, possibly in other prefectures. In such stressful circumstances the tweets of sympathy keeps me faithful in the inate goodness of mankind.

But some tweets are also saying that the Tsunami is an Act of God.

ARBITRARY GOD? What are they suggesting when they tweet such words? Are they suggesting that God is arbitrary and He doesn’t care at all how many people die and suffer in every natural tragedy that has struck mankind? I cannot accept that.

GOD'S JUDGMENT? Or are they implying that for some reason, the people pummeled by the waves somehow deserves it? A holy judgment enforced by sea water? It is not God that is judging.. it is them. So that too I cannot accept.

I too find myself pondering over why some countries appear to be hit again and again by nature while climates in other countries are relatively docile.

I guess I cannot stop people from saying it is an act of God, since really nothing happens without the Will of God. I actually object the context in which it was said / tweeted. For me, in reference to God’s Will… only those actually involved in rescuing and consoling the victims can say such words…

It is the Will of God that it happened.
It is also the Will of God that I am here.
Let me help you.

For the rest of mankind who are not directly involved in the emergency efforts - We should just pray to the Almighty for the succor and rescue of the Japanese people in this tsunami and hold back all other unnecessary comments.

May God save the Japanese people.

Pax Taufiqa.

Jesus, the Mahdi, Dajjal aka AntiChrist, 4 Golden Rules of Interpretation pre Armageddon and The Camel Saloon (Whew!)

(If caption unreadable please click on picture)
THE IMAM MAHDI (or simply the Mahdi) is a personality foretold by the Prophet to be born in the future, to revive the truest form of faith for all mankind. How the Mahdi intends to do this, I do not know. There has been quite a few claimants to be the Mahdi since Muhammad prophesied his coming. According to such Muslim lore as have come to the Sinner’s ear, together or perhaps soon after the arrival of the Mahdi, Jesus of the Immaculate Conception would descend from the heaven and they would greet each other to embark on their duties as the All-Loving God has anointed their hearts to bear.

THE DAJJAL / ANTICHRIST. Of their many tasks, (and I am sure they have a long list of Difficult Things To Do) the most publicized is their mission to battle and vanquish the Dajjal (the AntiChrist) and his armies.

THE FOUR GOLDEN RULES AT THE END OF TIMES. There are some specific details about Jesus, the Mahdi and the AntiChrist being expressed by both the wise and the ignorant – since I am neither, I shan’t say much – and I am sure you can find out for yourselves! I only beg you remember these 4 rules…

1. Things are always more complicated than it seems.

2. God always keeps the best secret for Himself until He Decides to spring the surprise on you.

3. If something smells like rat, then in all probability IT IS a rat. Even (or especially) in this anticipated Armageddon –End Times–Apocalyptic-Cosmic-Finale, things ought to be judge by the ultimate faith shared by all humanity, the religion of Love and your Conscience. Neither will betray you. So polish up your obedience to your Conscience, that you might actually listen to it when it REALLY matters.

4. Oh yes… perhaps the most important rule of it all – God loves you. And not just insignificant us, but every other man, woman and babe that dot this small chunk of space debris that we call Earth.

CAMEL SALOON AND THE SALOON OF INNER BEAUTY. Being a stranger (and sinner) in this parts, I was looking for Ms. Kitty’s establishment, but instead came across a Camel Saloon. A little bird perched on my pointy-hat turban and whispered… “Your poems are appalling. If you want to read REAL poetry, click to the Camel Saloon." As I am not the sort of sinner to ignore an imaginary bird, I have added the site to my blogroll. The worthy bartender at the Camel Saloon is Mr.Russel Streur. It is an active poetry blog site with really good poems for your consumption. Some whimsical, some serious but always heartfelt and real prose. As for me, I would call it The Saloon of Inner Beauty, simply because I believe that the word ‘camel’ comes from the Arabic word ‘jamal’ which simply means ‘beauty’ and can also mean 'the Inner Beauty of the Heart".

MY DEAR READERS, in this posting we (meaning the Mahdi, Jesus the Prince of Peace, a broken-back Camel and your humble sinner) are all congregating in the Saloon of Inner Beauty that you commonly call your heart. Is it still Happy Hour, Mr. Bartender?

Have a great Sabbath, mankind!

Pax Taufiqa.

IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE - (1) As far as I am aware, the Imam Mahdi has not authorised anyone to form his Army... so you guys (you know who you are) who are using his name for recruiting purposes for your political and often violent ends... I post to you one question - Who died and made YOU the Imam Mahdi? SO JUST DROP IT.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Sincerity is Easy
It is easy
to be sincere
if you are good at
lying to yourself.
Did I say that out loud?
I hope you are having a great Friday, sunshine.
Pax Taufiqa.

Everyone Deserves an Ariffin

My ability in the English language is 'okay'. It is not my mother tongue so you must forgive my spelling and grammar mistakes. Often though such error is because I am rushing to post out the blog. I am in a rush most of the time now because since 1st Jan 2011, I am the managing partner of my law chambers.
After 8 years of selfless service, my partner and friend, Ariffin offered to me the job of ensuring that the office is pest-free, kept clean and tidy, all staff and cleaners are paid, the rental, utilities and other overheads are settled promptly. When Ariffin made clear his offer, I remember feeling sickly and tired the whole day. I knew that managing a firm would not be easy.
I joined the firm about 9 months after it was formed. While Ariffin always consults with me on all decisions concerning the firm, the main burden in managing the firm was shouldered by him. He is one of those natural leaders who had the ability to inspire. When he enters the office, I could just sense his presence, lighting up the atmosphere with his jokes and banter. But do not be fooled, for I have met few men as serious in discharging his responsibility as this dude. And above all, the responsibility of Love.
When my friend, Shahzad (former and founding partner) offered me a job in 2004, he asked that I speak with Ariffin, who he informed me was the managing partner of this new law firm. In the one hour meeting, we spent about 10 minutes talking about my work experience and possible role in the office. The following one hour was essentially a conversation about Love. Love distilled of all selfishness, Love that is not only inspirational, but perhaps more importantly, practical. Ariffin (who I must admit, loves to talk) made me comfortable from the word 'Go', and I left the meeting room with my job confirmed, but above all, with a sense of happiness that perhaps, after years of jumping jobs, I have found a home.
For my partner, it is not enough to talk about Love. In his head, the highest embodiment of Love is to discharge your responsibilities that arises naturally from Love. If you do not wish to be accountable for your actions, if you wish to live the life of a rolling stone with no care for anything or anyone, then it is not suitable for you to have any affair in the matters of Love. I believe I have posted this poem before, but just this once, I would like to share with you again this poem I wrote sometime in May 2009...

53. Jika
Jika kamu tidak ingin
Berjabat tangan
Dengan kesabaran,
Usahlah kamu katakan
Yang kamu mencintaiku,

Jika kamu tidak ingin
Berkenalan dengan
Kamu katakan,
Yang diri ini,
Kamu kasihi?

If you do not desire
To befriend patience,
Do not say unto me
That you love me.

If you do not wish
To make acquaintance
With responsibilities,
Then why, pray tell,
Do you say that,
It is I,
Whom you truly love?
People like to talk about 'Sufism' and 'Mysticism', but the truth of the matter is there is no division in the life that we lead, nor the knowledge that we fish from the Ocean of God. Labels, important as they maybe in helping to identify you and I, are only at the end of it all, merely labels. The essence in the form is that we are all from one God, and one day we shall return to Him. In that sense, you and I and the cat named Moses... we are all one.
Such things I learn from the conduct of my partners. It is my fervent wish that you also have with you a loyal and loving friend, who is devoted to the unmasking of lies and the establishment of love as I have found in my friend. I think everyone deserves an Ariffin.
Have a friendshipful day, sunshine.
Pax Taufiqa

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Once Upon a Time in America

12. It is ok
It is good to be lost sometimes,
For otherwise,
You would not be found.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, a handsome white-bearded Shaykh was giving a talk at a community centre (if I recall correctly). In his talk (it’s never a speech, you know) he said he noticed outside the hall a ‘Lost & Found’ board on the wall. He commented that your life is a journey (nothing new here), and here you strive to find your bearings, to read the maps properly, and where possible (and fated), you will receive direct guidance from such people who have been appointed for your welfare.

OUR LORD, THE SAVIOR. But despite the best of efforts we often find ourselves lost. You made a mistake but this is okay says the Shaykh. For it is okay to be lost, to become the innocent babe in the woods once again, to be marooned in an unchartered island in the Bermuda Triangle. Because in this perfect storm, God and the Good will come to our rescue. Otherwise how will God be known as The Savior? Yes… it is good to be lost sometimes. If only to find that our God has not, and has never actually forgotten us.

SPIRITUAL TRAUMA CENTER. We also come to hurt because we get distracted desiring something other than the Lord’s pleasure. We want a new car, we want a new wife, we want to win the lottery, we want to be promoted… but even in our spiritual journey we can lose focus – we get mesmerized by magic-laser light shows, we are fooled by people’s praise, we forget our aim, and become fixated with the view along the sacred highway… we don’t see the Deer of God crossing the road and a moment later… *BANG!* The deer goes flying through your windshield and you are in a Saint John’s ambulance heading for the Spiritual Trauma Center. And there… lying on the operating table, suddenly a bright light appears and a voice asks you…”Dear boy, what have you done with yourself?”

“Master… is that You?” I replied.

“Well, I am not Colonel Sanders, old chum.” Then he continued, “You are hurt.”

“I know…*Ouch*… but it’s worth it.” I answered, wincing through the pain.

“Really? How so?”

I cannot but smile, “Because you came for me.”

Then the Master smiled an even wider grin, “Oh no, you silly-billy. It was I who called for you.”


Have a lovely day, sunshine. May we be lost and rescued by our Lord, the Savior.

Pax Taufiqa.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

God Makes a Point in a Big Way. Careful!

13. God making a point
People always see God making a point,
But they always try to come closer
To study the point.
Forgetting that when God makes a point,
It is like the tip of an iceberg,
Or the twinkle of a faraway star.

Approach at the peril of your mortality.
Pax Taufiqa

The Will of All Causes & Consequences, Muhammad the Mercy and a Guide to How to Read the Universe

THE SUNNAH (traditions) of the Prophet consists of the entire corpus of his sayings (Hadis) and practices while he was walking about as a living man. Although distinct from the Al-Quran, it is an essential part to understanding the Al-Quran and is the completion of the way of Islam. He is the embodiment and living example of the Al-Quran. Muhammad is the merciful rain that falls from the clouds of the Al-Quran, a relief for those living in doubt, a river of joy and justice in a heart where once there was only drought. It is the mode of best conduct, the breath of compassion, the light of love evidenced in the Holy Scriptures, made alive in the manners, action and words of the Man described as The Mercy to the Worlds, Most Beloved of God. Without his Sunnah, Islam is incomplete, and the blessing of God is never incomplete.

THE COMPANIONS. The companions of the Prophet were not timid wee timorous men and women. They were strong in valour and passionate in their action and words. Some of the Companions are headstrong and determined in their views and attitudes. They are not the sort to brook compromise. But in the hands of Muhammad, they were devoted followers and lovers of the Prophet. They were called The Best of my Nation by the Prophet, yet they were mortals, just like you and I.

HOW TO READ / HEAR A HADIS. After the blessed passing of the Prophet at the age of 62, the Companions still remember and seek succor and guidance in his blessed sayings. Many remember them, while others would refer to the written Hadis (and there were many Recorders of the Hadis). For us who have not had the joy to hear the words directly from the pearly lips of the Most Beloved, alas, we fall within the second category. A friend of a friend of a murid (student) of a Shaykh (Master), shared with me what the Shaykh said as to the proper approach to reading a saying of the Prophet.

1. Take Wuduq (ablution for prayers)
2. Approach a Book of the Hadis as if you are entering the Prophet’s Presence.
3. Read the words as if you are hearing it directly from the Prophet, with him seating or standing in front of you, gazing into your eyes with The Compassion of the Prophet.

This approach is wholly sensible. Because really, you don’t want to be presumptuous, speaking in your head, “Yes, yes, I understand already!” before the Prophet has completed what he desires to say to you.

HOW TO READ / HEAR THE UNIVERSE. This was confided to me by another friend of a friend of a… oh you get it by now. The gentleman says that what is appropriate in understanding the Hadis of the Prophet is appropriate to understanding the sayings of God. He did not mean the Holy Quran as a mere book, but the Holy Quran as the Book of the Universe, and thus, the entire world and your entire life becomes part of this understanding. So…

1. Take Wuduq (again same-same)
2. Approach this world and your life as if you are entering the Divine Presence. (So sweetot)
3. Read and hear events, circumstances and actions of the world and its inhabitants as if you are hearing / reading them directly from The Will of all Cause and Consequences, which is of course, God Himself.

And in that context, let us not act presumptuous to our Lord, interjecting in His conversation and communion with us with “Yea, yea, I get it already! You had me at hello!’ before God has finished what He wants to share with us - which would also include our intercourse with our brothers and sisters, friends and enemies. For direct interaction with the creation of the Creator, is an indirect interaction with the Creator.

PATIENCE. So you see, if we have no patience with our fellow human beings… we are not being patient with God. Let us be patient and Let God have His Say from the moment we are born until the instance of our death… and on and on.

PAPA IS JUST LIKE GRANDPA. It is jest surely that I am writing this. I am very impatient as even my best of friends would tell you. Mikhail made an observation just last night after witnessing me explode because of some innocuous irritation , “Papa, you are just like Tok Wan (his grandfather), but only grumpier and angrier.” Sigh, yes Mika. I know.

Between God Almighty, the Prophet and Prophets, the Saints and Angels, you would think that the odds are greatly in my favour. But despite such advantages, I appear to have this amazing talent to always get into trouble. So, I still need you, sunshine… Don’t forget me and keep me in your prayers always.

Pax Taufiqa.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Objectivity? What Objectivity? Part 4

I mean what I write but not necessarily what you read...
I mean what I said but not necessarily what you heard...
REGRET. In the last posting, I promised to share with you what I think is the significance of the three earlier posts entitled "Objectivity? What Objectivity?". I woefully regret my vows because I do not know how to now conclude the topic.
FACTS? WHAT FACTS? The post which I anticipated to now write is my conclusion that facts - cold hard damnable facts do not truly exists. Simply because I remember writing a prose about it. And now I cannot find the damn poem! Maybe facts do not exist because I, your poor sinner has trouble remembering them.
NO EXPIRY DATE. NO SELL BY DATE. GOOD FOR YOU FOR ALL TIMES. So I shall not go down that road. Instead I will make a safer conclusion, and one that is more easily believed and digestable. I think that anyone who has a religion with holy scriptures can accept that their divine books must contain meanings which continue to be applicable from the first moment that a holy prophet wrote or uttered such words. And this goes to what I wish to share with you. A friend of a friend of a Murid (student) of a Sufi Master once had this to say about the Sunnah (traditions and sayings) of Muhammad Prophet of God - "Oh... the sayings of the Prophet can be used for all times!" And I bet a Jew would say the same about Moses, a Buddhist would agree that it applies to Buddha, and the Christians would vouch that the gospel of Jesus is undoubtedly applicable in year dot as it is now in year 2011.
When we consider our earlier theory that the meaning of words changes as it slides, curves, swerves and bends in their majestic journey across the space and time continuum, it all makes sense, doesn't it (Well it does to me. Hehehe). And what is ultimately important to remember is that however the meaning of such utterances changes, the speaker is still a Prophet of God... and you, my precious friend... you are still the listener. You are not like the Modern Man...
21. Modern Man II
Modern man thinks
He is thinking,
Sadly, he is only drifting.

He could have chosen safety,
And stayed in the harbour,
But he is disdainful of his elders,
And seeks a reputation
For wisdom and adventure.

He has no sail or anchor,
He is without a rudder,
Really, he has no ship whatsoever,
For such things are inventions
Of another era, and in his pride
He thinks he can do better
THE ANCIENT MAN. Whether you are 14 or 40 years old, you seek love, and the wisdom of those who have long passed away many years ago, but are in truth never absent from your presence...
22. Wise is he
Wise is he who
Takes into account
Everyone, whether
They are present
Or absent.
Nothing is regretted,
No words misheard.
All things occurring as fated.
Pax Taufiqa.
(The addenda are the 3 last paras added at 7.29am, 8th Mar 2011.)

Objectivity? What Objectivity? Part 3

PART 1. In the first posting on Objectivity, I questioned the existence of Objectivity, saying that absolute objectivity doesn’t exist in the human sphere, alluding that True Objectivity lies in the dominion of the Creator(God by whatever name you call unto Him), and the Created (us ants). Nonetheless, we noted that such view shouldn’t be an excuse for us to sway from the responsibility of Love, the highest purpose that Love (or God if you want to be clear about this) is calling us to perform. And ultimately how it is ALL connected to His Desire for your attainment of wisdom and unalloyed joy in true servanthood. To recall an old poem...
18. Love and Servanthood
Nothing is taught here,
But the Art of Love;
How to love,
And how to be loved.

Nothing is taught here,
But the Art of Servanthood;
How to serve,
And how to be served.

From perfect love comes perfect servanthood,
And from perfect servanthood comes perfect love.

From the perfection of both characters,
Comes the perfection that He looks for,
And that only He may Bestow.

By any other name, such perfection is he, Muhammad,
Best of Creation,
The Chosen Intercessor,
Lover and Servant,
Most Beloved of God.

What happy, joyous state is he!
PART 2. In the second part I brought a w-x-y-z illustration which I was reflecting upon some 7 years ago on the nature of meanings (of words) and how words have different meanings depending on the variables of - who says/writes them, who is the listener/reader, where and when were the words are spoken/written or heard/read.

PART 3. The illustration and text below, which I produced after the Part 2 diagram is a continuing observation and contains the conclusion of my musings on the nature of words.

(Please click on picture if unreadable)

NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT. In hindsight, I think that it was too presumptuous for me to say that the measure of space has physical limitation. It appears to me now that there is apparently no limit as to how small we can slice the atomic apple. Just like Time, Space too may have no real physical limits of measurement. From an acre of space to 0.00000000000000000001 of a millimeter, who is to say where the decimal points should end? Is there an end at all? So yes, I take back what I said about Space, but if you look at the 3 conclusions, my correction doesn’t refute the conclusions, but in fact goes to further argue for the metaphysical nature of words and their meanings.


Oh boy, I think I broke my brain. I hope I have not proven myself to be a big fool and are now banished to the back of the classroom. But if I am, who cares? I am just trying to understand this great big world. I have no claims of any special knowledge, and I am certainly not a seeker of knowledge merely for its own sake. I am much too lazy. Searching and reflecting… it actually makes me happy. And when it comes to happiness, I rather be happy then lazy. And if you know just how lazy I am, you would realize that it is a notable achievement. At least for my standards… which are not very high, all things considered.
Lovely bubbly, sunshine. Thank you for reading, and my apologies if I am just obfuscating. It is not my intention. In the fourth and last posting I will suggest the significance of these postings on objectivity. I can't now because (hehehe), at this point in time I just don't know.

Pax Taufiqa.

Part 1.
Part 2.