Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jesus, the Mahdi, Dajjal aka AntiChrist, 4 Golden Rules of Interpretation pre Armageddon and The Camel Saloon (Whew!)

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THE IMAM MAHDI (or simply the Mahdi) is a personality foretold by the Prophet to be born in the future, to revive the truest form of faith for all mankind. How the Mahdi intends to do this, I do not know. There has been quite a few claimants to be the Mahdi since Muhammad prophesied his coming. According to such Muslim lore as have come to the Sinner’s ear, together or perhaps soon after the arrival of the Mahdi, Jesus of the Immaculate Conception would descend from the heaven and they would greet each other to embark on their duties as the All-Loving God has anointed their hearts to bear.

THE DAJJAL / ANTICHRIST. Of their many tasks, (and I am sure they have a long list of Difficult Things To Do) the most publicized is their mission to battle and vanquish the Dajjal (the AntiChrist) and his armies.

THE FOUR GOLDEN RULES AT THE END OF TIMES. There are some specific details about Jesus, the Mahdi and the AntiChrist being expressed by both the wise and the ignorant – since I am neither, I shan’t say much – and I am sure you can find out for yourselves! I only beg you remember these 4 rules…

1. Things are always more complicated than it seems.

2. God always keeps the best secret for Himself until He Decides to spring the surprise on you.

3. If something smells like rat, then in all probability IT IS a rat. Even (or especially) in this anticipated Armageddon –End Times–Apocalyptic-Cosmic-Finale, things ought to be judge by the ultimate faith shared by all humanity, the religion of Love and your Conscience. Neither will betray you. So polish up your obedience to your Conscience, that you might actually listen to it when it REALLY matters.

4. Oh yes… perhaps the most important rule of it all – God loves you. And not just insignificant us, but every other man, woman and babe that dot this small chunk of space debris that we call Earth.

CAMEL SALOON AND THE SALOON OF INNER BEAUTY. Being a stranger (and sinner) in this parts, I was looking for Ms. Kitty’s establishment, but instead came across a Camel Saloon. A little bird perched on my pointy-hat turban and whispered… “Your poems are appalling. If you want to read REAL poetry, click to the Camel Saloon." As I am not the sort of sinner to ignore an imaginary bird, I have added the site to my blogroll. The worthy bartender at the Camel Saloon is Mr.Russel Streur. It is an active poetry blog site with really good poems for your consumption. Some whimsical, some serious but always heartfelt and real prose. As for me, I would call it The Saloon of Inner Beauty, simply because I believe that the word ‘camel’ comes from the Arabic word ‘jamal’ which simply means ‘beauty’ and can also mean 'the Inner Beauty of the Heart".

MY DEAR READERS, in this posting we (meaning the Mahdi, Jesus the Prince of Peace, a broken-back Camel and your humble sinner) are all congregating in the Saloon of Inner Beauty that you commonly call your heart. Is it still Happy Hour, Mr. Bartender?

Have a great Sabbath, mankind!

Pax Taufiqa.

IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE - (1) As far as I am aware, the Imam Mahdi has not authorised anyone to form his Army... so you guys (you know who you are) who are using his name for recruiting purposes for your political and often violent ends... I post to you one question - Who died and made YOU the Imam Mahdi? SO JUST DROP IT.

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