Friday, March 11, 2011

Everyone Deserves an Ariffin

My ability in the English language is 'okay'. It is not my mother tongue so you must forgive my spelling and grammar mistakes. Often though such error is because I am rushing to post out the blog. I am in a rush most of the time now because since 1st Jan 2011, I am the managing partner of my law chambers.
After 8 years of selfless service, my partner and friend, Ariffin offered to me the job of ensuring that the office is pest-free, kept clean and tidy, all staff and cleaners are paid, the rental, utilities and other overheads are settled promptly. When Ariffin made clear his offer, I remember feeling sickly and tired the whole day. I knew that managing a firm would not be easy.
I joined the firm about 9 months after it was formed. While Ariffin always consults with me on all decisions concerning the firm, the main burden in managing the firm was shouldered by him. He is one of those natural leaders who had the ability to inspire. When he enters the office, I could just sense his presence, lighting up the atmosphere with his jokes and banter. But do not be fooled, for I have met few men as serious in discharging his responsibility as this dude. And above all, the responsibility of Love.
When my friend, Shahzad (former and founding partner) offered me a job in 2004, he asked that I speak with Ariffin, who he informed me was the managing partner of this new law firm. In the one hour meeting, we spent about 10 minutes talking about my work experience and possible role in the office. The following one hour was essentially a conversation about Love. Love distilled of all selfishness, Love that is not only inspirational, but perhaps more importantly, practical. Ariffin (who I must admit, loves to talk) made me comfortable from the word 'Go', and I left the meeting room with my job confirmed, but above all, with a sense of happiness that perhaps, after years of jumping jobs, I have found a home.
For my partner, it is not enough to talk about Love. In his head, the highest embodiment of Love is to discharge your responsibilities that arises naturally from Love. If you do not wish to be accountable for your actions, if you wish to live the life of a rolling stone with no care for anything or anyone, then it is not suitable for you to have any affair in the matters of Love. I believe I have posted this poem before, but just this once, I would like to share with you again this poem I wrote sometime in May 2009...

53. Jika
Jika kamu tidak ingin
Berjabat tangan
Dengan kesabaran,
Usahlah kamu katakan
Yang kamu mencintaiku,

Jika kamu tidak ingin
Berkenalan dengan
Kamu katakan,
Yang diri ini,
Kamu kasihi?

If you do not desire
To befriend patience,
Do not say unto me
That you love me.

If you do not wish
To make acquaintance
With responsibilities,
Then why, pray tell,
Do you say that,
It is I,
Whom you truly love?
People like to talk about 'Sufism' and 'Mysticism', but the truth of the matter is there is no division in the life that we lead, nor the knowledge that we fish from the Ocean of God. Labels, important as they maybe in helping to identify you and I, are only at the end of it all, merely labels. The essence in the form is that we are all from one God, and one day we shall return to Him. In that sense, you and I and the cat named Moses... we are all one.
Such things I learn from the conduct of my partners. It is my fervent wish that you also have with you a loyal and loving friend, who is devoted to the unmasking of lies and the establishment of love as I have found in my friend. I think everyone deserves an Ariffin.
Have a friendshipful day, sunshine.
Pax Taufiqa

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