Monday, March 7, 2011

Objectivity? What Objectivity? Part 4

I mean what I write but not necessarily what you read...
I mean what I said but not necessarily what you heard...
REGRET. In the last posting, I promised to share with you what I think is the significance of the three earlier posts entitled "Objectivity? What Objectivity?". I woefully regret my vows because I do not know how to now conclude the topic.
FACTS? WHAT FACTS? The post which I anticipated to now write is my conclusion that facts - cold hard damnable facts do not truly exists. Simply because I remember writing a prose about it. And now I cannot find the damn poem! Maybe facts do not exist because I, your poor sinner has trouble remembering them.
NO EXPIRY DATE. NO SELL BY DATE. GOOD FOR YOU FOR ALL TIMES. So I shall not go down that road. Instead I will make a safer conclusion, and one that is more easily believed and digestable. I think that anyone who has a religion with holy scriptures can accept that their divine books must contain meanings which continue to be applicable from the first moment that a holy prophet wrote or uttered such words. And this goes to what I wish to share with you. A friend of a friend of a Murid (student) of a Sufi Master once had this to say about the Sunnah (traditions and sayings) of Muhammad Prophet of God - "Oh... the sayings of the Prophet can be used for all times!" And I bet a Jew would say the same about Moses, a Buddhist would agree that it applies to Buddha, and the Christians would vouch that the gospel of Jesus is undoubtedly applicable in year dot as it is now in year 2011.
When we consider our earlier theory that the meaning of words changes as it slides, curves, swerves and bends in their majestic journey across the space and time continuum, it all makes sense, doesn't it (Well it does to me. Hehehe). And what is ultimately important to remember is that however the meaning of such utterances changes, the speaker is still a Prophet of God... and you, my precious friend... you are still the listener. You are not like the Modern Man...
21. Modern Man II
Modern man thinks
He is thinking,
Sadly, he is only drifting.

He could have chosen safety,
And stayed in the harbour,
But he is disdainful of his elders,
And seeks a reputation
For wisdom and adventure.

He has no sail or anchor,
He is without a rudder,
Really, he has no ship whatsoever,
For such things are inventions
Of another era, and in his pride
He thinks he can do better
THE ANCIENT MAN. Whether you are 14 or 40 years old, you seek love, and the wisdom of those who have long passed away many years ago, but are in truth never absent from your presence...
22. Wise is he
Wise is he who
Takes into account
Everyone, whether
They are present
Or absent.
Nothing is regretted,
No words misheard.
All things occurring as fated.
Pax Taufiqa.
(The addenda are the 3 last paras added at 7.29am, 8th Mar 2011.)

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