Sunday, March 13, 2011

God is the Anticipation of All that is Beautiful, Good and Wonderous!

36. Soul’s Winter
O’ ye who have strayed and lost thyself!
God has plucked the Good in thee
And deposited it into the care of another.
If thee wishes to find it,
Look for a man in whose heart enters no winter.

With him shall thou recall
The gentler seasons and good
That is in us all.
EVERYBODY DESERVES A MASTER. The above poem, from the chapter 2 entitled 'the Dam.Munir.Ana' was written 7 years ago. It is not talking just about any person, but about a spiritual master. Before I fell into the rabbit-hole that is mysticism, I was taught that Islam is easy, and that by my own rationality I would be able to be a good Muslim.
ISLAM IS EASY but human beings are complex (and often confused) creatures. How will I ever be a good Muslim if I am not a good human being to begin with? We have to start somewhere, and where else could we start but with our own selves. Who we are, what we are, and how we relate to other people and ultimately our Creator. Directly or indirectly, I found this inquiry answered by the Master and the Masters, who are able to stand apart from me and tell me, "O' Taufiq, this is what you are!" Then they would continue, "You can be so much better!"
I HAVE NOT CHANGED ONE BIT. GOD HAS. More than a decade on, have I changed at all? No, I am still me... the despicable sinner. But God? Ahh... God, He has changed in my eyes - what I thought I knew, how little did I know... and now I know absolutely nothing of Him! Every day He is a Wonderous Sight, Unseen but Felt. So I can never say what God truly is presently save that God is the Anticipation of All that is Beautiful, Good and Wonderous. That has changed for me, but not me. And that is the best lesson that the Masters have taught (so far). Ya Huuuu!
Have a lovely Sunday, sunshine. May God save the Japanese. And speed the rescue of the living and grace for those who have already return unto Him. Amen.
Pax Taufiqa

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