Thursday, March 10, 2011

Once Upon a Time in America

12. It is ok
It is good to be lost sometimes,
For otherwise,
You would not be found.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, a handsome white-bearded Shaykh was giving a talk at a community centre (if I recall correctly). In his talk (it’s never a speech, you know) he said he noticed outside the hall a ‘Lost & Found’ board on the wall. He commented that your life is a journey (nothing new here), and here you strive to find your bearings, to read the maps properly, and where possible (and fated), you will receive direct guidance from such people who have been appointed for your welfare.

OUR LORD, THE SAVIOR. But despite the best of efforts we often find ourselves lost. You made a mistake but this is okay says the Shaykh. For it is okay to be lost, to become the innocent babe in the woods once again, to be marooned in an unchartered island in the Bermuda Triangle. Because in this perfect storm, God and the Good will come to our rescue. Otherwise how will God be known as The Savior? Yes… it is good to be lost sometimes. If only to find that our God has not, and has never actually forgotten us.

SPIRITUAL TRAUMA CENTER. We also come to hurt because we get distracted desiring something other than the Lord’s pleasure. We want a new car, we want a new wife, we want to win the lottery, we want to be promoted… but even in our spiritual journey we can lose focus – we get mesmerized by magic-laser light shows, we are fooled by people’s praise, we forget our aim, and become fixated with the view along the sacred highway… we don’t see the Deer of God crossing the road and a moment later… *BANG!* The deer goes flying through your windshield and you are in a Saint John’s ambulance heading for the Spiritual Trauma Center. And there… lying on the operating table, suddenly a bright light appears and a voice asks you…”Dear boy, what have you done with yourself?”

“Master… is that You?” I replied.

“Well, I am not Colonel Sanders, old chum.” Then he continued, “You are hurt.”

“I know…*Ouch*… but it’s worth it.” I answered, wincing through the pain.

“Really? How so?”

I cannot but smile, “Because you came for me.”

Then the Master smiled an even wider grin, “Oh no, you silly-billy. It was I who called for you.”


Have a lovely day, sunshine. May we be lost and rescued by our Lord, the Savior.

Pax Taufiqa.

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