Sunday, March 6, 2011

Objectivity? What Objectivity? Part 2

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What I write here is essentially about the same thing.

There is always continuity in the contradictions that I record.

As there are always contradictions in the continuity that I see in the symmetry of Creation.

On some days, the sky will be blue, on other days it may be red with rage or purple royal.

80. Contradictions – What, Me Worry?
You worry of contradictions,
But what ocean does not have waves,
Ripples and tides,
Ebbing to and fro,
On the shores of man?

What I mean will never be one singular meaning.

There are at least four variables that will change the meaning of what is written here (see above).

It is not the cruelty of an arbitrary Lord, though God has all entitlement to treat us so.

It is the highest nobility of His Mercy, that will change whatever that needs changing for you to find yourself, and within you, the Throne of the Master.

Such is the Lord that I have found. Straight and Circular as He pleases, Apparent and Hidden as He wishes, Intimate and Awesome as He desires.

79. Ocean’s Edge
I am standing at the Ocean’s edge,
Barely a rumour of purpose,
Surrounded by echoes of life
That reverberates from sunlit hilltops
To sand dunes and seabeds.

Trusted with the keepsakes and mementos
Of a love defined
By a Lord inexplicable
To His servants.

Sharing gasps of existence,
As they read signs and similitude
Of their Creator
Who bends the straightest path
Into an arch, then
Into a mighty circle.

Have a splendid Sunday. I just felt like writing again today, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.

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