Thursday, March 17, 2011

Following an Angel to Medina - Umrah Pilgrimage Part 2

90. I saw an angelI saw an angel
Walking in the
High grass,
I said hello,
But he just
Walked on past.

I followed him,
And he led me
To a house nearby,
And there I saw him peering
Through a window,
Listening intently
To the Prophet’s hymn,
Sung within.

As the music resonated,
The angel begin
To glimmer with love,
More glittering than the
Bright afternoon sun
Shining above.

Once the music finished,
He turned to leave and saw me,
“Where are you going now”,
I asked,

He looked at me for awhile,
Then he replied,
“To the Prophet I go,
To Medina, to bring a message
To the Messenger.”

“What message?”, I replied

With a smile, he answered
“That his nation have not forgotten him,
Not in thought, deeds, words or hymn.”

After years of 'thinking about it', finally I have decided to follow the angel and make my way to the Masjid Nabawi in Medina. And like the heavenly creature, I too will carry as much as I can the wonderful and fascinating people whom I have met in these past 41 years of my life. For it has been the greatest of honour for me to know people of many differing faiths, but an unwavering belief in the One God, people who (without even realising it) exhibit many of the Sunnah (traditions) of the Prophet, and by doing so make them precious to me. Because simply put, the fitrah (essence) of Muhammad which shines in the soul of each human being on earth cannot be veiled by the skin that we wear, the dress that we adorn nor the religion that we practise. Muhammad is of Islam, but He is also sent as a Mercy to the World(s).
And for my beloved brethren who, in their muddled and often distracted way try to follow (the best that they can) the Sunnah and spend their idle hours talking about the Prophet, praising his character and cry in yearning and joy for the moment when they will come face to face with their and God's Beloved... I will carry your faces in my heart, and every single words that you have uttered in the love and desire for Muhammad... I hope I will be able to carry them all to Medina. I am sorry that in me is a foolish and unworthy vessel for such intimate memories... but this is me, a sinner - and I am going home... to Medina.
Its Thursday, sunshine. Come Monday night I will be boarding a Royal Jordanian flight. I will bring each and everyone of you with me, even if I do not know you at all! Your anonymity is no big problem in this journey. You ARE coming with me... Ya Huuuuuuu!
Hehehe. Pax Taufiqa
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