Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Dragon Ego, the Donkey Ego and the Mouse Ego

57. Flying high and getting wet
I am flying high
Astride my ego,
A fearsome fiery dragon.

But I am twisting the reins now,
To send my ego and me careening,
Plummeting like a stone through
The breaking clouds
Falling into the rushing
And waiting sea.

In her deep blue waters,
Will the fire of my dragon
Be doused, and for me
To rise once again
From the waves,
Astride my ego,
But now tamed
And trained.

How easily I recorded the above verse. For the simple fact that Saints are sent to address mankind on the nature and threat of the human ego, the taming of your dragon is no easy feat. In the circle that I orbit, the dragon is also often referred as a donkey, and in one posting at least, I referred to the Hindu reflection of the human ego as a little itsy bitsy mousie.
How easy it would be if indeed the ego was in fact a dragon, donkey or rodent. Then at least you could see it clearly with your physical eyes. Alas, it is not so simple...
The ego is a hard working fella. And your constant companion. It will keep you company in a pub, in a toilet, at work and at play. It is your shadow while you are driving, working and making love. The ego's nature is delicate and its finesse in playing with our mind is a wonder in itself. In your highest tribute to your faith and God, it will squeeze in between each prayer you pray, each charity you give, each fast you complete. It is in the choir of a church and in the cave of a hidden hermit high in the cliffs of the Hindu Kush. It is in the palm of your hand as you play with your rosary beads and tasbih. Your ego is your enemy. The worst is that it is often very difficult to differentiate between you and your enemy.
May you be guided in true servanthood that you would see with your third eye the nature of the ego within you, and the wisdom to tame this creature who is you but never you. Servanthood - I am thinking that is the best way. What do you think?
As someone who thinks so highly of himself, I need all the help I can get. So I ask that you pray for me, sunshine. But don't tell me if you do.
Pax Taufiqa

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