Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Will of All Causes & Consequences, Muhammad the Mercy and a Guide to How to Read the Universe

THE SUNNAH (traditions) of the Prophet consists of the entire corpus of his sayings (Hadis) and practices while he was walking about as a living man. Although distinct from the Al-Quran, it is an essential part to understanding the Al-Quran and is the completion of the way of Islam. He is the embodiment and living example of the Al-Quran. Muhammad is the merciful rain that falls from the clouds of the Al-Quran, a relief for those living in doubt, a river of joy and justice in a heart where once there was only drought. It is the mode of best conduct, the breath of compassion, the light of love evidenced in the Holy Scriptures, made alive in the manners, action and words of the Man described as The Mercy to the Worlds, Most Beloved of God. Without his Sunnah, Islam is incomplete, and the blessing of God is never incomplete.

THE COMPANIONS. The companions of the Prophet were not timid wee timorous men and women. They were strong in valour and passionate in their action and words. Some of the Companions are headstrong and determined in their views and attitudes. They are not the sort to brook compromise. But in the hands of Muhammad, they were devoted followers and lovers of the Prophet. They were called The Best of my Nation by the Prophet, yet they were mortals, just like you and I.

HOW TO READ / HEAR A HADIS. After the blessed passing of the Prophet at the age of 62, the Companions still remember and seek succor and guidance in his blessed sayings. Many remember them, while others would refer to the written Hadis (and there were many Recorders of the Hadis). For us who have not had the joy to hear the words directly from the pearly lips of the Most Beloved, alas, we fall within the second category. A friend of a friend of a murid (student) of a Shaykh (Master), shared with me what the Shaykh said as to the proper approach to reading a saying of the Prophet.

1. Take Wuduq (ablution for prayers)
2. Approach a Book of the Hadis as if you are entering the Prophet’s Presence.
3. Read the words as if you are hearing it directly from the Prophet, with him seating or standing in front of you, gazing into your eyes with The Compassion of the Prophet.

This approach is wholly sensible. Because really, you don’t want to be presumptuous, speaking in your head, “Yes, yes, I understand already!” before the Prophet has completed what he desires to say to you.

HOW TO READ / HEAR THE UNIVERSE. This was confided to me by another friend of a friend of a… oh you get it by now. The gentleman says that what is appropriate in understanding the Hadis of the Prophet is appropriate to understanding the sayings of God. He did not mean the Holy Quran as a mere book, but the Holy Quran as the Book of the Universe, and thus, the entire world and your entire life becomes part of this understanding. So…

1. Take Wuduq (again same-same)
2. Approach this world and your life as if you are entering the Divine Presence. (So sweetot)
3. Read and hear events, circumstances and actions of the world and its inhabitants as if you are hearing / reading them directly from The Will of all Cause and Consequences, which is of course, God Himself.

And in that context, let us not act presumptuous to our Lord, interjecting in His conversation and communion with us with “Yea, yea, I get it already! You had me at hello!’ before God has finished what He wants to share with us - which would also include our intercourse with our brothers and sisters, friends and enemies. For direct interaction with the creation of the Creator, is an indirect interaction with the Creator.

PATIENCE. So you see, if we have no patience with our fellow human beings… we are not being patient with God. Let us be patient and Let God have His Say from the moment we are born until the instance of our death… and on and on.

PAPA IS JUST LIKE GRANDPA. It is jest surely that I am writing this. I am very impatient as even my best of friends would tell you. Mikhail made an observation just last night after witnessing me explode because of some innocuous irritation , “Papa, you are just like Tok Wan (his grandfather), but only grumpier and angrier.” Sigh, yes Mika. I know.

Between God Almighty, the Prophet and Prophets, the Saints and Angels, you would think that the odds are greatly in my favour. But despite such advantages, I appear to have this amazing talent to always get into trouble. So, I still need you, sunshine… Don’t forget me and keep me in your prayers always.

Pax Taufiqa.

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