Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japanese Tsunami and the Apparent Arbitrariness of Life

TWEETER : TSUNAMI IN JAPAN. In Malaysia, thousands of twitters expressing support, condolences and prayers for the Japanese people shot into the cyberspace, within minutes of the news of the tsunami went online. And across the globe, I am sure millions of tweets shared the same feeling of empathy and worry. With about 4,000 Malaysians registered with our embassy in Tokyo, there are probably now hundreds or perhaps thousands of families here, still worrying about their relatives or friends still as yet uncontactable. The main problem is that it is currently the universities semester break in Japan now. So some students and their families are out of town, possibly in other prefectures. In such stressful circumstances the tweets of sympathy keeps me faithful in the inate goodness of mankind.

But some tweets are also saying that the Tsunami is an Act of God.

ARBITRARY GOD? What are they suggesting when they tweet such words? Are they suggesting that God is arbitrary and He doesn’t care at all how many people die and suffer in every natural tragedy that has struck mankind? I cannot accept that.

GOD'S JUDGMENT? Or are they implying that for some reason, the people pummeled by the waves somehow deserves it? A holy judgment enforced by sea water? It is not God that is judging.. it is them. So that too I cannot accept.

I too find myself pondering over why some countries appear to be hit again and again by nature while climates in other countries are relatively docile.

I guess I cannot stop people from saying it is an act of God, since really nothing happens without the Will of God. I actually object the context in which it was said / tweeted. For me, in reference to God’s Will… only those actually involved in rescuing and consoling the victims can say such words…

It is the Will of God that it happened.
It is also the Will of God that I am here.
Let me help you.

For the rest of mankind who are not directly involved in the emergency efforts - We should just pray to the Almighty for the succor and rescue of the Japanese people in this tsunami and hold back all other unnecessary comments.

May God save the Japanese people.

Pax Taufiqa.

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