Monday, March 7, 2011

Objectivity? What Objectivity? Part 3

PART 1. In the first posting on Objectivity, I questioned the existence of Objectivity, saying that absolute objectivity doesn’t exist in the human sphere, alluding that True Objectivity lies in the dominion of the Creator(God by whatever name you call unto Him), and the Created (us ants). Nonetheless, we noted that such view shouldn’t be an excuse for us to sway from the responsibility of Love, the highest purpose that Love (or God if you want to be clear about this) is calling us to perform. And ultimately how it is ALL connected to His Desire for your attainment of wisdom and unalloyed joy in true servanthood. To recall an old poem...
18. Love and Servanthood
Nothing is taught here,
But the Art of Love;
How to love,
And how to be loved.

Nothing is taught here,
But the Art of Servanthood;
How to serve,
And how to be served.

From perfect love comes perfect servanthood,
And from perfect servanthood comes perfect love.

From the perfection of both characters,
Comes the perfection that He looks for,
And that only He may Bestow.

By any other name, such perfection is he, Muhammad,
Best of Creation,
The Chosen Intercessor,
Lover and Servant,
Most Beloved of God.

What happy, joyous state is he!
PART 2. In the second part I brought a w-x-y-z illustration which I was reflecting upon some 7 years ago on the nature of meanings (of words) and how words have different meanings depending on the variables of - who says/writes them, who is the listener/reader, where and when were the words are spoken/written or heard/read.

PART 3. The illustration and text below, which I produced after the Part 2 diagram is a continuing observation and contains the conclusion of my musings on the nature of words.

(Please click on picture if unreadable)

NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT. In hindsight, I think that it was too presumptuous for me to say that the measure of space has physical limitation. It appears to me now that there is apparently no limit as to how small we can slice the atomic apple. Just like Time, Space too may have no real physical limits of measurement. From an acre of space to 0.00000000000000000001 of a millimeter, who is to say where the decimal points should end? Is there an end at all? So yes, I take back what I said about Space, but if you look at the 3 conclusions, my correction doesn’t refute the conclusions, but in fact goes to further argue for the metaphysical nature of words and their meanings.


Oh boy, I think I broke my brain. I hope I have not proven myself to be a big fool and are now banished to the back of the classroom. But if I am, who cares? I am just trying to understand this great big world. I have no claims of any special knowledge, and I am certainly not a seeker of knowledge merely for its own sake. I am much too lazy. Searching and reflecting… it actually makes me happy. And when it comes to happiness, I rather be happy then lazy. And if you know just how lazy I am, you would realize that it is a notable achievement. At least for my standards… which are not very high, all things considered.
Lovely bubbly, sunshine. Thank you for reading, and my apologies if I am just obfuscating. It is not my intention. In the fourth and last posting I will suggest the significance of these postings on objectivity. I can't now because (hehehe), at this point in time I just don't know.

Pax Taufiqa.

Part 1.
Part 2.

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