Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So-Called Jihad and the Mill of Despair & Sorrow

THE MILL OF DESPAIR AND SORROW. When Osama was killed yesterday it was big news. The American celebration was aired the world over. I did not watch it, but my brother tells me that it was as if America has won its World War III. I am reluctant to say this but the war has not been won. Osama, despite his super stardom, was just one of many crazies manufactured from the mill of despair and sorrow. And the mill is still churning them out every day.

REACTION TO THE NEWS. When news of his death arrived in my country, there was basically 3 Muslim reactions. Firstly and in the minority, were Muslims who found relief (and posted / tweeted about it) that a man who has been defaming the faith of Islam through his warmongering and terror tactics is finally kaput. I fall in this category. The second and largest reaction were the silent ones. Making no tweets, nor posting any comments or status on Facebook, they appear disinterested in this Saudi's demise. The third category were people who flooded the blogs, tweetdom and Facebook with slogans of the neverending Jihad, deploring the killing of Osama, and appearing to revere him as some sort of Martyr. They are not the majority by a long short, but their numbers are not small either. This bugs me no end. It bugs me because they have no notion of what the al-Qaeda, Taliban and other near regional loonies have planned if they were to say... govern this country. The same people who said 'God bless Osama's soul' will be the first to buy a ticket out of Malaysia, if these gentlemen ever export their brand of control to this country.

SO WHAT IF THERE'S A CONSPIRACY? - The idea, the image of Osama is already wrong. If what has perished is this idea of Osama and his distorted vision, and not an actual man named Osama, then so what? This man, and this so-called 'jihad' is a colossal deviation and distraction to the core of the Prophet's teaching. The way some people appease the militants, it's as if you need to freakin' die in battle to get to heaven. Closing their eyes to the simple fact that being blown to bits by a belt of C4 in a bus full of civilians, does not even fall in the category of 'dying in battle'. These folk's penchant for death and glory reminds me more of the Viking's wet dream for death in combat, the Valkyries and glorious Valhalla. What are they thinking about? I had a clue some years back... And this is what I would love to say to those who believe in the notion of a never-ending Jihad...

18. A Fish caught in the Net (with Poon)
I have no faith
In this abrahamic tribal war god of yours.

MACHISMO & THE AK-47. I wish they would stop looking for this fictitious war god, and stick to the essential Quran and the Traditions of the Prophet when seeking for God the Beautiful. I wish they would look for God the ar-Rahman and ar-Rahim (Most Compassionate & Most Merciful) as how God Himself said He loved to be known as. And not be taken in by man's inclination to despair and brutal hubris - Instead of beauty they are choosing ugliness. Instead of the scholar's pen, they prefer the AK-47. Instead of the heart & conscience, they choose bombs & assassinations. Instead of Mercy, they choose revenge. And instead of the sublime delicacy of the Prophet, they choose envy, anger and machismo. *Sigh* For all our sakes, may they never find what they are looking for...

79. Who is this God?
This God you seek is not the God that I seek,
I seek the Merciful One at His Mercy Door,
Those tears you weep are not the tears I weep,
May you never find this God
That you are foolishly looking for.

Pax Taufiqa, sunshine.


B. Arafia said...

Pak peq, I reckon Tok Mak falls under the latter. hahha!

Milky Tea said...

Does she? Well, lucky for me she doesn't have a tweeter or FB account. And she doesn't read blogs! But I have no uncertainty about this posting at all.

Btw, I need a fav from you. Will call you later.


Anonymous said...

You are the best Taufiq! I wanted to read 'the best' at this moment in world history, and you serve it up like sunshine. Now I can start my day in the flowing stream of balanced souls without reading anymore news for awhile. Thank you.

Milky Tea said...

Thank u, Anon. Can I put that comment in my resume? But in all serious-ity, I am just calling a spade a spade, although some may say, "Naaaw, that's a shovel!"
Ah well, To each his/her own...
Hope the day went well for you.