Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama is Dead. One Less Gun-Totting Lunatic on Earth. Now What?

DEAD. Well, I am sure you have heard it - Osama's dead. I wish they had captured him alive though. Oh, well, one less gun-totting lunatic in the world. From my observation (and this is a worrying observation) I think every interested party is coming out satisfied from this fatal event: -

USA - They got him in the end. Dead as a door knob.
Osama - I am sure he wanted to go down fighting.
Osama's friends - Now they have a 'martyr'. Great recruitment for the lunatic fringe of these so-called Islamic Jihadis.
Media - Scoop of the year, I think. Or maybe below the Wedding of Kate & William.

So you see, I am afraid things are not going to change much. And after all, there are still a lot (really a lot) of maniacs still out there, very willing to dispense holy justice and divine retribution at the end of a fuse and a gun barrel. And I am not talking just about 'Muslims'.

A Friend once said of this renegade, "Wherever he (Osama) goes, destruction follows him." And really, when you think about it, ever since Osama won the Global Jihadi Idol competition, we Muslims have been having it bad. The bandit is dead, but the world has not changed at all. Hold on to your conscience, sunshine. Because that is the single common cause that we all share, regardless of our creed, race or country.

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Have a nice day, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

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