Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Women, you know not how you affect us...

42. Molten Love Bell
You come into my life,
And do this and speak that,
Thinking perhaps,
What little effect
I have on him!

Now, truly know that
Sometimes you are pulling
Bells of a cathedral raised
High in the hidden realm,

The bells are cast
In molten love,
From a fountain
That runs from
The lake of Ahmad
To the sea of Ahad.

And my heart is shaken
By the reverberations
From bone to thin skin,
And I cower in awe,
Wondering what does
This all mean.

Love, for me is a tiring thing. It is just like life when the Prophet once said, "You can rest, Taufiq, ... when you are dead." Well, he didn't put it that way, but the gist is there. And it is doubly so when Love, that intangible element finds its form in a woman - in her face, in her form and in her little gestures that was especially designed by the All-Greatest Designer (aka Mr.God) to attract your attention. She may be totally oblivious of your change of heart, she may be ignorant of your constant contemplation, but there you are. You are stuck, sunshine - An Adam neck deep in the morass of clueless infatuation with Eve (as most men find themselves in), blinking and pondering what to do next. Such is the beautiful tribulation that Love manifests in our hearts.

For Men - Good luck in riding the wave of love sprung from the Ocean of Unalloyed Joy. It is as beautiful, grand and lovely as God promised you... but boy, expect to fall into the ocean a couple of times at least (once a day, is a good ratio) Hehehe.

For Women - You know not how you affect us men!

To the lovers of Love, to the students of affection, to the custodians of responsibility, have a beautiful and Loveful Day.

Pax Taufiqa.

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