Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Nature of Happiness - Have Hope and Remember

29. Real Happiness for God, Veil of Happiness for Mankind
For God, and those God has appointed unto you
As your Prophet and Saints,
Present unto Him and He
And unto them
Happiness both Real and Apparent,
For that is your highest obligation
In praise of Love and Mercy.

For your fellow brothers and sisters,
Present unto them
The Veil of Happiness,
Which is only Apparent.
For that is your highest obligation to them
In praise of Love and Mercy.

So now you ask me,
“So will I ever share real happiness?”

Yes, of course.
Whenever you cry out, “Oh God.”
In the unveiling of who you really are,
In the love and passing of your parents,
In the unveiling of your mate,
In the ecstasy of your wedding bed,
In the life of your child,
In the sighs of growing old,
And upon your lips,
In your last breath,
As you die.

Do not fret,
He will be there, o’ seeker.
Have hope
And remember.

This is a good place where we are, pet. Because here, in this mortal coil we can discern a little of eternity. But what of eternity if we are not happy? I do not wish for an eternity to be miserable. So far however, the pre-screening of eternity that we have seen is good. It is all good. I am a sinner, you see. But I am also a cheer leader of life, and of you.

And for so long as you have hope, you have nothing to fear. For hope is the bridge that connects Man to the Divine. So do not despair in your unpaid bills, your unrequited love or your spilled milk. Retreat, replan and rise again. You are not hopeless, sunshine. ...Have Hope and Remember.

Pax Taufiqa.

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