Monday, May 23, 2011

The Fountain of "I" and Patience

71. The Fountain
I approach the Fountain
And reflected in its waters I saw the sky,
As I came closer
I saw the mountains and trees,
As I came closer
I saw the meadows and valleys,
As I came even closer
I saw the hosts of humanity,
As I arrived and peered straight into its waters
I saw no one,
No meadows,
No valleys,
No mountains,
No trees,
Not even the sky.
I only saw I.

Someone real old and real dead once cornered me in the hollow of my sadness. And this was what he had to say to me, "My dear fellow, whenever I feel let down, whether by myself or someone else, I go the Fountain. And there I will find the balm to heal all my heart's dismay. Because there I realise that although I cannot control whatever happens to me, I can still choose how I react to it. Because if life is entirely about perception, then the world's reality is entirely dependant on how I perceive it to be. And I choose to perceive the world to be perfect in all its essence, and to be beautiful in all its form."

"But how do I master my own perception", I asked.

To which he replied, "Patience must come before perception".

Pax Taufiqa.

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