Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sinner and the Devil's Henchman called Auto-Formatting

7. Patience, that Beautiful Steed!
Patience! O’ Lord,
Of such things that will help me,
Help me attain this!
Patience in happiness and sorrow,
Patience in wealth and poverty,

Graceful and most loved,
That beautiful steed ridden
By Your Prophet and Friends!

IRONY OF LIFE. I have been taking too much iron tablets, I think. I write a lot about the virtues of Patience. Be patient, I say. Do not get angry, I counsel my betters. The truth is it would be difficult for you to find someone more impatient than me.

THE HATEFUL WORLD OF AUTO-FORMAT. And this is especially evident when I am writing. Oh, I start well, my friends, feeling 'the love' for my fellow humans, contented and at peace with the world. So evident of sweet sentiment, I would commence my writing on this blog. Then, for some inexplicable reason (Oh, I am sure anyone acquainted with HTML, can explain. But I am a lawyer, you see) blogspot's autoformating starts to interpret my writing differently from how I write and commences to auto-format my paragraphs.

I AM NOT WYSIWYG - Now the tragedy unfolds as the blog editing engine insists on saying that I have set a paragraph and 5 line spacing between the paragraphs, when it is patently not my intention. And when I click on the 'preview' button, it changes my text from a tidy 20 liner, into a 60 liner with huge empty spaces between the paragraphs and pictures - making my blog look ugly and unprofessional. Just like me, the blogspot engine is not 'What You See Is What You Get".

"L!O!V!E!", he typed FURIOUSLY. And after spending maybe just 30 minutes to write, I would end up wasting another 40 minutes trying to get the blog formatting right. Then the cursing and swearing under my breath would begin... I will be typing words like "L.O.V.E.", "Patience" "God's Divine Grace" and "Peace..." and hitting my poor laptop's keyboard with the opposite sentiment, impatience, anger and my frustration with this blog's editing engine boiling over.

So every blog I write becomes a test of my ego and anger. Hehehe. And boy, how often I fail! But today the editing engine appears to be feeling contented and friendly. Thank God!

Have a patient day, sunshine. Don't be like me.

Pax Taufiqa.

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