Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sinners' Dictionary - the Meaning of Patience and Mothers

30. Patience is a …
Patience is a jewel
Set between the
Contracting and expanding
Of the heart.
It is in the pause
Between a cause
And consequence,
Between revelation
And either submission
Or rebellion.

Patience is a good thing. Indeed, a good dead friend of mine once said that it is the KEY to happiness. "It is not inaction," he said. "It is ACTIVE submission to life's ups and downs, and to do such things which commonly gives you happiness. This is important to remember, Taufiq," His tone pressing the point, "Patience is not mere fatalistic acceptance."

Then he smiled and poked my belly. "So you know you are fat, but more importanly, unhealthy. What are YOU going to do about it?"

Sigh. Everyone wants to make a comment. But I guess its because there is just a lot of everyone who loves us and cares for our wellbeing.

It is smart to submit to God's Love. Because ultimately, we ALL submit one day, breathing our last, and closing our eyes upon the last sight of our beloved family and friends, crowding around our deathbed. I was there when my mother submitted to God's final call. She did not struggle anymore, she simply closed her eyes and never opened them again. After a life-long practice of active submission, I could almost hear her answer, "Yes, yes, my Lord. I am coming. What kept You?"

Love and Death. Isn't this the Truth of our existence shared by all of us? If this is so, why do we bother fighting during the brief time alloted to us from the moment our mother cradles us in her arms and the time we are finally lowered into the embracing earth of our grave? May God guide us all in the unity of our worship to the One God, however we may extol His Praise, and by whatever name we call unto Him.

This is a prayer that is close to my mother's heart, and I believe, in the heart of all mothers. God bless all our mothers!

Pax Taufiqa.

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