Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Sinner & the Mother - Happy Mother's Day!

ALWAYS ON THE MOVE. There is my mum. Always on the move. She is either resting on the sofa, tired out after cooking, cleaning or gardening, or she would be on the way somewhere or arriving from somewhere. Well, one day in 2002 she up and finally left us for a well deserved rest. A final honorable retreat after her courageous battle against cancer. During an operation to remove a cyst, the doctor noticed the malignant growth. After another operation, chemotherapy and traditional medicine didn't do it for her, her doctor finally advised us to bring her home. And so she stayed for a couple of months, before ascending to a better place. She did not rest though. She ought to have, but she devoted her last months ensuring her youngest son, is right and properly married off. Always on the move, I told you. And 2 years after her passing, her get-Pek-married-off project bore fruit and Mikhail was born.

21. Paradise
If paradise is for me, o’ Lord,
Stray me not to distractions,
But bed me instead
In my mother’s house as a servant,

That I may serve her needs,
Though she may have none,
That I may keep her company,
Though she may need none,
And that I may love her,
Though with You and Ahmad,
Would she desire love from any other,
Be that love from her own son?

It is my belief, that although she was not around when Mika was flung into this world, she would not sit still in heaven. She would insist on seeing the boy whose very existence would not have even happened without her active intervention in my life. I think she is looking at him right this very moment I think, from some distant heavenly cliff, by the Sea of Infinite Mercy. Unfortunately, my son is wandering about in his birthday suit, pre-shower. So I can guess what she wants to tell me now, "For heaven's sake (no puns intended), make that boy put some clothes on, Peq!"

My mum. I am sad today because she is not around. But thinking of her still makes me smile.

Happy Mother's Day, sunshine...

Pax Taufiqa.