Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Comely Eye, a Shapely Hip & Rose Petal Lips, and an extract from the Sinners' Dictionary

1. I am not pretty
My servant said,
“I am not pretty”.
Ouchie. That hurt.
For I made her, you see.

Nothing was left to chance,
Nothing was left wanting.
No skin, no curve,
Nay a hair of her eyelash
Did I create if not with
Love, attention and affection.

So how can she say that?
What does she see in the mirror
Which is deceiving her?

I am seeing her now,
And all that I see is
A beauty both timeless
And heartbreaking.

PHYSICAL BEAUTY. I will not lie, pet. Beauty matters. It is the nature of mankind that physical beauty attracts our roving eyes. We appreciate the finesse and delicate brushwork of God the AlMighty Artist and Illustrator. Why, even as I was doing the montage of glam mags and rags here I was attracted to the pictures of women on the cover. So, no, I would be lying to myself if I say that physical beauty has no effect on me.

Man is made for conflict. That great struggle (Jihad ul Akbar) to manage and control our desires. It is the hardest thing in the world. Why? Simply because of what we are. The Sinners' Dictionary thus defines him so...

176. Testicles
A creature torn
Between the mystical
And the testicles.

Woman is made for conflict. I will not say much about the prettier half of mankind because I am not one. I don't know how it feels to be a girl, a lassy, a woman. Any attempt by me to suggest I know is a big fat lie. But such is the character of this world that this is what I observe...

24. Ah, the Door-Opener (With King)
Ah, womanly beauty,
That irrepressible opener of doors!

Alas, how long beauty actually
Stays indoors is open for debate.

I have no solution to give, no profound revelation to share. I guess however we look and feel, we are just suppose to do what is sensible. What is appropriate and moderate, and to not fall off the edge of madness in our pursuit of physical beauty - of ourselves or someone else. Because that can happen. Indeed, history is full of madness... drawn by a comely eye, a shapely hip and rose petal lips.

Pax Taufiqa.

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