Tuesday, May 31, 2011

... And the World is in need of You

23. Judging self
We are taught
To judge ourselves,
But have care that
You do not judge yourself
And in your zeal,
You inadvertently
Punish someone else.

That is not wisdom,
It is self-conceit,
Alas, a common error
Stumbling the most
Earnest of seekers.

A little of regret is good, but don't go beating yourself over the head too much, sunshine. For there may be (indeed, there always is...) someone in need of your attention and compassion - your son, your daughter, your employee, your auntie, your mum and dad, your cat, your girlfriend, etc.. Cast aside your doubt, for you are a wonderful person. And the world is in need of you. Happy or sad, the world turns with no care to our feelings, so let us walk along the path of servanthood, the most true state of reality and perception, where things simply 'is' and happiness or sadness is nothing but a dress which we can wear and shed as we wish. Amen.

Until tomorrow morning, God bless.

Pax Taufiqa

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