Friday, May 27, 2011

Two Poems & Paradise

13. My patience and God’s Will
I do not live by strength or weakness,
Wealth or poverty.
Nothing changes me,
And to me,
Patience and will
Is my best company –
My patience and
God’s Will.

17. Choice
I do not know what
May happen a moment
From now,
But I do know that
It is my choice to meet
Any happenstance
With either impatience
Or patience.

By choosing patience,
I choose happiness, and
Take my place in the
Right side of Fate.

Good morning, sunshine. It's a lovely day here in Paradise. Iqbal, the boss of the coffee shop here greets me with a smile and a Salam, and around me people are having their tea and coffee. The air is not too hot or too cold and my own beverage, milky tea with ginger is sitting warmly in a cup. The food here ain't very good (to be honest here), but I go where the faces are friendly and the service polite. Sometimes, on a good day, Iqbal would cut 10 or 20 sens from the price of my food. When I asked why, he would only smile, waving his hand saying, "Nothing, nothing, no problem..."

But it is not nothing. It is always something to receive kindness. And I guess if my idea of Paradise is woefully low in expectations, I don't mind really. I am happy, and isn't Paradise about happiness?

Thank you to God the Almighty Purveyor of Good Restaurants and Good Hearts (even if the food is kinda so-so).

Have a happy and patient day, sunshine. After all... its Friday! Wuu Huuuu!

Pax Taufiqa.

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