Monday, May 9, 2011

The Angel, the Jester, the Sinner & the Ultimate Law (it's Love)

"That looks yummy, old chum."

6. My Angels
Angels were looking on
With curiosity as I ate my roti canai.
So I said, “I am sorry I cannot offer you any.”
The Angels smiled and replied,
“Don’t worry, Taufiq. But we do
Appreciate you remembering us.”

THE ANGELS. I have a perfect relationship with Angels. When I talk they listen, and when they talk I only listen to what I want to hear. Trust me, you wouldn't want to listen to everything that they would love you to hear. Not when you are a sinner like me. But if you are not like me, then I guess it's fine. You can listen to their preachy sermons all the time because you are likely to be able to preach back! God bless all saints and sinners! (Btw, roti canai is kinda like pratha bread but sweeter, fluffier and more unhealthy - as all delicious foods are!)

"I am not listening! Lalalala! I am not listening! Lalalala!"

9. My Lord’s Fool
If I am judged a fool,
At least I am my Lord’s fool.
If I am judged a jester,
At least I am my Lord’s jester.

So please, any problems,
Talk to my King.

He’s not answering back?
Well, try not to be so boring!

THE JESTER. It is the testament of my earlier life that I found religion (especially mine) to be dull, boring, monotonous and gloomy. It is only after encountering an assortment of sufis, I finally found the colour, the taste, the music, the pictures, the smiles, the laughter, the bitterness, the sweetness, the passion, the humour, the beauty, the tears and the love story which is part of the traditional schools and orders of Islam. This jewel, this treasure trove of the Divine Presence and Prophetic Beauty is sometimes so distinct from the humdrum religion-by-rota learning prevalent amongst my brethren that I sometimes ask myself, "What the heck is going on!?"

THE ULTIMATE LAW OF GOD IS LOVE. But I know the answer - it is the play of God the Delicate, God the Sublime, God the Ever-interesting and Never-boring as He consorts with his creation, however high and noble or however low and ridiculous His servants may be. The challenge in the last line of the poem is not intended towards you, sunshine. It is intended towards those who are trying to drag us back to the hide-bound and rule-bound approach towards faith. Oh, it is fine if what they preach are God's Rules. But they are not preaching God's Rules, simply because they have enclosed the ultimate Law of God, which is Love within the confines of their narrow and often prejudiced minds. You are on a different path.

Hmm... the sinner contemplates.

11. Contemplating and Sinning
I can contemplate sin
With great vigor,
Until there is nothing
To distinguish between
Contemplating and sinning.

It would have been better
For me to have merely
Ignored sin.

But then, I would not be a sinner,
And this book would not be called
The Sinners’ Almanac.

SINNERS HAVE A DIVINE PURPOSE. Well, ultimately we are as we are, and nobody can change us. Not unless we ourselves want to change. I guess I could be a better person, a better human being. But you know, I am not fatalistic or have some emo-gothic wish to be flung into the pits of damnation. Oh no. I only want the Divine Presence and the Prophet. "Why should this be given to a sinner?", they ask. But that is the whole point. If God only lets in super-saints and holy prophets, then when is God exhibiting His attributes as the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful? Yes, sunshine. Sinners are here for a purpose. And if you are one (like me), don't you forget it. And don't let the world make you forget it. This is a thought to smile about, isn't it?

Have a lovely Monday, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.

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