Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Door after Door... Secret after Secret... only to undertand who you truly are

22. Excite and Entice
If this path appears unending,
If one door leads to another,
It is only because the Lord
Keeps one secret after another
To excite and entice
You closer.

Life is about cause and consequences. If you don't eat, you get hungry. If you don't work, you won't earn a living. If you hit someone, chances are, he will hit you back. If you smile at a girl, she might smile back at you. Or perhaps, she will start to finger the pepper-spray in her handbag and thinking, "Uh oh. Weirdo".

But Life is also sometimes just 'is'. And one of the biggest 'just is' is that God loves you. This 'is' should be on top of all the other 'is-es' there is. Err... get it? Because there are also a lot of tribulation in what is fated to you. A car drives over the pavement and runs down your dog. Your house is robbed. You get mugged. You get audited by the IRS. A bird flying overhead poops on your head. How do we rationalize and reason out the random occurences in our lives? Especially when it is a 'bad' thing. In such things, we simply have to have faith in God. It is not blind faith, for when God called on man to see the Divine signs without and within him, it is a call not only to faith, but to reason.

God Most Enticing. It is also through this pull between reason and faith, between what you can change in your fate, and what is ultimately destined for you that our God is the Best at. For He is the Lord Never Boring. The One God Most Enticing and Captivating. The Best Writer Ever, the Best Director Ever in this film called Creation... and He has casted you, sunshine, to play your role. A role which is not superfluous. Your character in Creation is not to play a two-bit extra. Your appearance in His Divine Production is absolutely necessary to complete this film. There are heroes and villians, temptress and princesses, the village idiot and the captain of the guards, but there is also a you-shaped hole in the casting that only YOU can fill.

He Listens. I think God simply wants us to be the best that we can be. So say, for me, it is to be the best Taufiq that I can be. Now, to be honest, it is not so straight forward, because I need to understand my script and get into character. And for that I talk to God a lot. Does He listen? He listen to all sinners, sunshine. And boy has He been Incredibly Patient with this one.

It is Wesak Day today here in Malaysia and it is a public holiday for all. God bless all Buddhists.

Pax Taufiqa.

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