Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Impossibility of Proving that God doesn't Exist

I have no problems with Atheists. So long as they don't bug me. Indeed, as I have made clear in some earlier postings, there are a couple of Atheists which I am very fond of, like Bill Maher and Brian Eno.(Read 'Richard Dawkins is not Godless, the Essence of Belief and Disbelief, and a Bagel' here and 'Practice makes the Perfect Swing, Revelation or Evolution, Hubris, God the All-Excuse, Planet Xylophone and Bill Maher' here). Note to self - I must stop writing this long titles!

Dear Atheist, if you want to convince me that God doesn't exist, this is what you gotta do - You have to climb out of Creation (and here I will give you allowance and keep the meaning of Creation limited to the physical universe, and not count the endless number of angels, djinns, other worlds and heavens which you after all, do not believe in), and you make sure for me that God is not there. Pop your head out from Creation and ask for God, "Hullo! Hullo! Any deity home?" If God doesn't answer then please sign me up now as a life-time member of the no-god-brigade. I will be your man.

Waitaminute... You are saying that you cannot climb out of the Universe? You haven't even reached Mars yet? Ah, well, then that is not really my problem, is it?

Smug. I know, sunshine... this posting is a little smug. But I am tired sometimes of people saying there is no God as if it is a proven fact. It is not, indeed, it is impossible to prove God doesn't exist. But okay, I am willing to sign an armistice today... Let us agree that the way of the conscience is acceptable for everyone, because I do not think that any religious or atheistic dogma should impose something which is unconscionable. And this I believe from the top of my curly black locks down to my tiny twinkly toes.

Have a nice peaceful day, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.


sonia said...

A self profess atheist who i have great admiration for is norman finkelstein, a jew by birth. His unwavering support of the palestinian people is astounding. I've always been intrigued as to what drives him to do what he does. its not the hope of being rewarded in the hereafter as by his own profession he doesn't believe in such things, its not for fame or fortune as he has suffered personal condemnation and loss of advancement because of this. So what could it be? i can only conclude that it is his commitment and deep love for truth and the rejection of falsehood. His love for truth is manifested in his actions and words. I honestly don't know if what i'm about to say is right or wrong but i have always felt that this man has a better chance of getting to heaven than i do.

Milky Tea said...

The heart never lies, right? You touch on an important point... if the idea of God as the most Merciful, the Most Loving, the Protector of the weak, the poor and the oppressed is the guiding light of your heart and your conscience, then who is better? Someone who reflects this divine fitrah or someone who extols the Divine but doesn't reflect it at all? A wise man once asked me - Dear old boy, if God today takes away the Quran and the SUnnah of the Prophet, where does it leave you? Will you still be considered a good nice guy, or an obnoxious git? And if you turn out (sadly) to be the latter, what have you been doing with the Quran and the Sunnah all this time? THank you, Sonia for your timely comment. Pax!