Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love of Love vs The Love of Hate

You will always be The Other

Life is about offering your hand to another,

Life is about sharing your food with another,

Life is about sharing your bed with another,

Life is about sharing the burden of one another,

Life is about keeping promises to one another,

Life is about sacrificing your life for the life of another,

Life is about looking out after one another,

So life isn't about you at all, it is all about the other...

But to someone else who loves you,

You will always be The Other...

I am quite in love with love, as in the idea of love. After all, in the great Cosmic Plan of the Almighty Creator, He need not have created love. But He did, and it is a Sublime Gift to humanity, that we may unite through Love. But there are also those who are united by Hate - who find assurance in the company of others who share the same jealousies, inferiority, despair, sorrow, arrogance, hubris and hate that have pickled their perception of other people. To them, 'the others' are not to be loved... 'the others' are to be feared and despised.

Often these groups fool themselves into thinking that it is love that binds them together. They are often a closed group with closed minds and hearts, and such people are well dispersed in all sort of human associations - be it a political, racial, religious, national, economic or social sub-group. Be cautious of them, sunshine, whether they are in a Christian society, a Jewish sect, a Muslim madrasah, a street gang, a political party, an atheist's club or even a Neighbourhood Watch. They will say to you that they are offering love, but it is in truth the Love of Hate, a poisonous and bent facsimile of real love.

Have a friendful and loveful Wednesday, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.

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