Sunday, May 1, 2011

Look! Grave-Worshippers!

I AM AN EARLY RISER. I need to, you know. Sins just don’t happen automatically and the diligent sinner needs to wake up early, say hi to the sun and plan his dastardly deeds for the day. Its 5.14am now, so perhaps you will keep me company, sunshine?

LIVELY IMAGINATION. I hope to continue my posting on the Umrah Pilgrimage later today. I have been remiss to not write about it earlier but I kinda need to get in ‘the zone’ to write about the pilgrimage. Being in ‘the zone’ just means that I have a couple of free hours to check on my travel notes, pictures and sketches I did while in Medina and Mecca. Then I have to recall the feeling of the moment. It is not too difficult, I have an extremely alive imagination. In fact my imagination is so alive I sometimes feel that it has a life all its own, exclusive to my own life.

GRAVE WORSHIPPERS! Below is a picture of me and Syful in Jerusalem, in the Maqam (shrine) of the great female Sufi saint, Rabi'ah Al-'Adawiyah (May God consecrate her secrets). This is where some Muslims will accuse us as being 'grave-worshippers'. Hehehe.

Don’t be bothered, seekers, by those who seek to challenge your authority to say what you say, for you have none and never claimed any. The numb hearts in all religion shall always denounce us as heretics and people who innovate. They will say that this is not according to the Gospel, this is not according to the Quran, this is against the teaching of the Great Gurus and against their religion. Say unto them, that you have no religion and do not wish theirs. That you are following only the Religion of God. They will say that you are confusing yourselves. Answer these hidebound clerics that in your confusion is more truth than all their conjectures of God that they sow in the cramp confines of their minds...

32. Dear Friend
Take your God, if that is your wish,
Into the cramp confines of your mind,

But my God is reflected
Upon the waves of a Sea so wide and so deep
That each drop from the Sea is more expansive
Than all Creation.

Let us fight a good fight. Let us march a good march. This Sunday morning is resounding with cries of hope and prayers. I am a sinner so I cannot lead. It is you, sunshine, who must guide me by your good example. I do not know you? If you are reading this, then surely our appointment was already set before Time, when we first met upon Mount Qaf and you told me that you loved the view from the cosmic peak. You said you saw that mankind may be worshipping in different ways. But still they worship the One God, Creator of all creation. "How right you are!" I remember thinking...

Pax Taufiqa.

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