Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Good Shepherds vs the Bad Shepherds and Their Roulette of Faiths

Many of the Prophets of old were Shepherds, literally speaking. And from their work, the analogy of the Shepherd and His Flock came about. It makes sense, and in terms of prose it is good copywriting (I appreciate this things).

Well, we still have our shepherds of mankind now (Should they be called manherds?). But there are good shepherds and there are bad shepherds. How do we distinguish whom to follow? Well, if you wish to listen to a sinner (and I cannot imagine why you should), I have a clue. It is easy, really - Just follow the one shepherd that is accepting all sorts of sheep into his care. Don’t follow the one that is alienating and ostracizing humanity. He is not going to bring you to God. He is only interested in increasing his flock. Raising his bet in the Roulette Table of Faiths. It is a game for his ego and hubris. Don’t be another casino chip in his hand. You, sunshine… you are meant for God. You are not meant to be a pawn.

60. Do they think they can deceive God?
If anything we must know,
We must know that
We don’t own God,
So it disturbs me so
To find preachers declaring
That the God worshiped
By the so-called unbelievers
Is somehow different to the God worshiped
By the so-called believers!

While there is urgent need
To build bridges,
These half-wits are
Building walls,
Yea, walls of the asylum!

And nay, this disease
Is not attributable solely
To the Muslims.

It is a contagion affecting
The so-called hierarchy
Of all religions,
Seeing themselves fit
To apportion mankind
To their
Individual fiefdoms
And flocks.

They can deceive men...
But do they think they can deceive God?

We are all born into His flock. And I have certainty in in Psalm 23.1 of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. I believe it simply because I believe it, so really... does it matter that If I believe it in Islam? And does it matter if you believe it in Christianity? Or Buddhism? Or Judaism? Or Hinduism? Submission to the Shepherd, submission to His Caring Ways, in our sleep at night, and awake all day. What want is left for us, when we are in His Embrace always?

So why are people fighting at all? Ah yes. We gotta blame the bad shepherds in Islam and Christianity - The bad shepherds in all religion.

Happily, where there is bad, there is always good. God bless all good shepherds, toiling to do their best in whatever creed that they may wear. For they may call unto God by another name, but what they mean behind the name, we all share.

Amen, Amin.

Pax Taufiqa.

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