Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hug Your Children, Young Man...

A LUCKY BREAK. Me and my partners are fortunate because we have good customers. Good and decent human beings who don't need us to act like a pack of Rottweilers (we can, you know). People often say that my industry is full of crooked and disreputable practitioners. I guess I am just lucky that the few clients I attend to are neither crooked nor disreputable. They may be savvy and tough businessmen, but essentially they are very nice people. We are blessed.

HUG YOUR CHILDREN. One particular client, an elderly gentleman of 62 likes to share his life wisdom with us. Recently we met him for a meeting, but before business commenced he said that as fathers (me and Ariffin), we ought to know when our children is in trouble just by the sense of touch. "But, how?" I asked. “You must hug them, young man!”, he said. “When I hug my children, I can feel whether they are okay or in trouble. But you have to make it a habit to hug them ALL the time.” Once his spider sense tingles, he would then surprise his kids (I think he has 10 of them) by asking, “Hey, what’s wrong, kiddo?” His children in an astonished tone would reply, “Dad… how did you know I have a problem?" Then he magnanimously makes this point to his kid, “Son..., I have been holding and hugging you since your birth. And now you are 34. Do you think I do not know if my children are well or not?” ... My client is a very doting father. God bless his heart.

At the end of each lesson, my client would tap me on my knee saying, “Now, don’t forget that!”

So in order not to forget, I am sharing this little story here with you. It's your job now, sunshine, to remind me if I forget. We help each other this way, okay? To be a reminder of all that is good and wise in this world.
Thank you, sunshine, for dropping in.

Pax Taufiqa.

(Repost correction on the word 'breath' in the cartoon. Of course it should have been 'breathe'. I am lucky that I seldom draw the talk bubble... It is normally added to the pic using a graphic software, thus easily remedied. Thank you, Afni)

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