Thursday, May 26, 2011

God is an Autobahn (where you can drive your ambition without worrying about speed traps or running out of fuel)

Don’t you think that God has the biggest Ego of them all? Why, He cannot stand even having just one name. In Muslim lore, God has to have 99 names, and that is just what’s revealed. And He has engaged cohorts of fuzzy-minded poets and sinners (like yours truly) to evoke His Infinite Glory and Utter Awesomeness. But God’s Ego is the supreme shade and protection for mankind because it is under His Ego that we seek shelter from the harmful deception of our own egos which constantly seek to trip us in our Path to Him. And the same thing goes for the Egos of Prophets and Saints. For it is in their Commanding Spirit that their followers seek shelter and solace, their guided words and action residing not in the ego of the lower nafs (earthly desires, our egos), but upon the commanding heights of God’s revelations which spur their life-force beyond the understanding of ordinary humans.

Let’s face it, sunshine, most of us are not exactly the vanguard of virtues. We make our stumbling and often confused way through life’s maze and puzzle, making Saints roll up their eyes muttering, “Oh Lord, look at this dumb kid…” and Angels cringe in dismay. But in some ways you are also connected to the Divine, the Saints, the Prophets and to God Himself. So you also have the propensity to do good. And if you believe that good needs to be done by ambition, then ride that ambition, baby…

If you want to build a majestic church, a Shinto temple, a pretty mosque, wherein people will praise and glorify God, then build it invite everyone and raise the Flag of Love and Unity high above the parapets.

If you want to bake the most awesome cupcakes to sell and donate the proceeds to an orphanage, then bake them and make people happy.

If you want to climb Mount Everest to sing praise to God Who is higher than the highest peak on earth, then climb it, but carry your own luggage and don’t use Shepas.

If you want to write the most beautiful songs, or choreograph the most amazing dance you can imagine to manifest Love, then compose the songs and choreograph the dance and set Broadway and the West End ablaze.

Just do it all, please.


Because you can do it, sunshine. You can do it.
Paulo Coelho, in his book, ‘The Alchemist’ once wrote that the most important lesson in life to unlearn is the lesson which we learnt while growing up – that we are somehow limited by circumstances and (God Forbid!) ourselves and thus we must be ‘realistic’ in our expectations and ambition.

But in the name of the Forgiver of Sinners, there is no reality unless we believe in it. So disbelieve the imaginary chains and let your ambition take fruit in the soil of your soul. If watered by Compassion, if tilled with Mercy, if seeded with Love and Sincerity… my dearest friend…, my beautiful readers, there is no limit as to how far or fast you can go - For the Love of God is an autobahn where you can drive your ambition without worrying about speed traps or running out of fuel.

This posting sounds like it deserves a theme song. And I do believe I have the right one right here. It’s from Rascal Flatts and it’s called ‘Life is a Highway’ -
Click Here.

Let the music play and let your dreams bloom, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

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