Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Oh Me! What WAS I thinking?!" said God.

Love & Insanity
I took love into my embrace,
And I said “Thank you.”
To which love gently asked, “For what?”

I explained,
“For coming into my life”
Pausing before continuing,
“For I find sanity so overrated.”

Love shrugged off my embrace
With a response, “I hate you”
To which again I said,
“Thank you.”

Love and a Straight-Jacket. The fine apparel above in beige is what you call a straight-jacket. It is normally prescribed for what non-PC people would call loonies and crazies. I am not saying that such a jacket is the appropriate attire for people in love, but when you think back, you must recall at least one incident where you did something which in hindsight makes you cringe and wonder, “Oh my God, what WAS I thinking?!”

I wonder what God thinks when He looks back to the time He created Adam, and then Eve. Is He also going, “Oh Me (well… He can’t say oh my God, can He?), what WAS I thinking?”

Fortunately God is not like us mortals limited by time, cause and consequence. For He knows already how destiny would play out for all of us. And when you consider all the appalling things mankind have done, I think we must grasp the hope of a Divine Love and Plan that despite our continuing folly, God has not rubbed us out of existence, muttering to Himself, “Ah well… back to the drawing board…”

God is Perfect and can do no wrong. The good believers believe this, not because they have no choice in the matter. Not because they cling to the idea of His Perfection in a desperate effort to find some order in the random happenstances that appear to dot their lives. Not because of despair or sorrow do they turn to His Perfection. Not because of a historical momentum or indoctrination in religious dogma. Such people who bear witness to His Perfection had first witnessed His Love and His Beauty, and in such a state, Absolute Perfection is the most natural conclusion as to how they would see God. If you are one of them, you are truly blessed, though some people might think you are a suitable candidate for a straight-jacket.

Have a loveful day, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.

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