Sunday, June 12, 2011

What is God's One and Only Agenda?

I am outside your window watching you
While you cry for someone else.

I am listening to you complaining
To your friends about
Your life.

I am watching you as you make
That first hopeless steps
To be independent
Of Me.

I am applauding your success
In your finals exams
But you don’t even
Know I am

You cry and cry and cry,
You die and die and die,
Every time that thing,
That someone which is not Me,
Fails you, as inevitably
All things and everyone
That is not Me shall fail you.

You talk of love,
You talk of affection,
But you do not see Me
In My hopeful and
Infinite patience
To get to know you,
For you to become
Familiar with ME!

You raise your dead dreams
From your cemetery of
Broken promises,
And you cry at
The funeral pyre
Of your lost happiness.

You plant your hopes,
And all your desires in
Things and people
Other than Me,
And expect them to grow.
But it is only I that
Make things grow.

I was there in your yesterdays,
And I will be here in your tomorrows.
Yet you have become a slave to your emotions
And a donkey to your capricious ego.

They serve you not
But their own agendas.

I am your God,
And you are my one
And only Agenda.

Should I not also be yours?


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