Friday, June 17, 2011

Muhammad the River - When flesh is pressed upon flesh, what vain secret is there left to hide?

26. Dam II
Muhammad is the River
And to the Ocean he will bring us.

The position of Muhammad Most Beloved is one that will change depending upon who is looking at him. But the above prose (circa 2004) is a simple description and one that few Muslims would argue with.

11. Dam I
If some people had their way
We would be on our hands and knees
Looking for stones to throw.
They would divert Allah’s Mercy
So that to the Ocean
No river shall forevermore flow.

The prose 'Dam I' is however a defense of the furthest and most delicate interpretation of 'Dam II' of which I leave to your wisdom to ponder upon. And as they say that offence is the best form of defense, the poem is questioning certain segments of society which desires for the Prophet of God to be dead, and remain certainly dead. For Muhammad, Mercy to the Worlds to be relegated into the role of a postman of the Holy Scriptures, who came, brought a book called the Holy Quran and left us to our own devices. And such people tend to love throwing accusations of innovation and heresy at the Sufis, while their grasp of the fundamental history of Islam itself is at best tenuous and at worst misconceived.

The Sufis tell me that they are not asking for anything but Mercy from the Infinite Ocean of Love, which is the domain of God Most Compassionate, Most Merciful. I have no quarrels with them. May God, Magnificent Creator of Knowledge, Intimacy and Discretion guide their sweet wandering hearts closer and closer to Him and His Prophet. And may the Prophet, through his Companions and Saints spark the love of Love, and the truth of Truth in the hearts of all human beings, whatever hat they may be wearing, and in whatever temple they may be praying in. For even if any fool were to prejudge you by the books that you read, or the thoughts that you entertain, no one can take away the truth that within us, in the antechamber of our most private courtyard of love that men often call the Heart, lies the Throne of the Lord.

Let the drifting ones talk of theology. We are talking of intimacy. When flesh is pressed upon flesh, what vain secret is there left to hide, my friends?

Pax Taufiqa.

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