Thursday, June 23, 2011

What do we think of God? But more importantly, what does God think of us?

I think it is good to try to get to know God. After all, He made you (if you believe that). And even if you don't believe the existence of God / Higher Being / Providence / all-Father, don't you think it is a good idea to get to know an entity whose existence is accepted by...hmm, say at least eight-tenth of the world population?

So for the rest of the (God-believing) world, how do you portray your idea of God? To begin, do you even know Him? How is He like? What is His hobby? Is He Happy? What does He think of you? And you know, it ain't good enough for you to say, "Yeah! Sure I know Him. His name is Jesus / Allah / Ram / Ra / Jehovah / Eric Clapton..."

He is kinda dishy ( in those days), and played a mean guitar. But God he ain't...

That is just labelling. We all judge each other by our action alone( there is no hope for racists here). So of course people will judge the God that we allege to worship according to how we act. And the funny thing is according to monotheists, there is always one God. So if someone's idea of God differs from another person, then either one must be right and the other person wrong. But you see it all boils down to their personal inclinations and prejudices.

So let us agree that at the end of the day, the concept of God is coloured by the individual believer and God is certainly not to be blamed if He is misrepresented by His emmisaries here on earth. Yes, that's you and me, sunshine.

But let me answer just one question, which is 'What does God think of us?' He loves us, baby, and His Patience and Mercy is unreal in its Reality and believable in its unbelievability. More than you love your own born child. More than you love Justin Beiber. Or Katy Perry, come to think of it. Believable unbelievability of His Mercy? Yes, pet... It has to be believed, look at our appalling record as His servant and caretaker of this mothership Earth. Otherwise, eons ago He would have already obliterated this Reality. Or at least a couple choice specimens amongst mankind. I for one have been a bad, bad boy and have done many bad, bad things. And often in such occassion, I could almost hear the sound of a heavenly bolt of lightning being launched and flying at a massive speed, homing to go up my wazoo at any moment... only to be recalled at the last mortal second (so far...) by a divine intercession of the RLMC (Retribution Lightning Management Centre) - "Wait... wait, k.i.v. that bolt of lightning, it appears that the sinner is going to be writing some so-called poetry about God, Prophet and Love. He may have some useful purpose after he's starting a blog." So you see - That's why I am writing / blogging like my life depends on it. Because it does, sunshine.


Pax Taufiqa.

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