Friday, June 10, 2011

"Psst... Can I also be your Friend?" Whispered God

An Ode to Friendship – A Better You
In the company of true friends
No dream is ever broken,
No promise is ever forgotten,
No opportunity is ever wasted,
No love is ever unrequited.

In the company of true friends
Stale food tastes good,
The most boring job
Becomes an adventure,
And your smallest victories
Get a ticker tape parade.

In the company of true friends
Life is exceedingly livelier,
Your looks never looked better,
Your future never seemed brighter,
And what poverty you now suffer
Troubles you no longer.

In the company of true friends
You get better quicker,
Your wake up earlier,
You get tired slower,
You run faster,
You jump higher.

In the company of true friends
You don’t need to be somebody else,
You don’t have to pretend
To be smarter or richer,
Funnier or prettier.

Because by their company,
Your friends already make
You better.

Is there a finer gift? A more beautiful and thoughtful present beneath the Christmas Tree than friendship? Is there a Taj Mahal or a Blue Mosque more glorious than friends? Is there a temple, a synagogue, a tokong (Chinese temple), or a kuil (Hindu temple) more welcoming than friends? Is there any ice-cream, chocolate, cake or pastry, wine, beer or any comfort food or drink more consoling than a friendly hand on your shoulder as he / she utters, “I understand…”

I declare today, Friday the 10th of June in the Year of our Lord 2011 as being Friends’ Day. I bid you, sunshine, to join me in the toast to Friendship, in the name of God, the Prophet and the Companions, and all Apostles and Saints. Perhaps God and these transcendental souls are too high for us to be pals with, to watch the game on tv with, or shoot some pools down at the diner. But honestly, if you are a good friend, do not be surprised if one day, any of them (yea… even God Himself.) walks into the garden of your soul and whispers into your astonished heart, “Psst… Can I also be your friend?”

Have a friendly Friday, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.
Footnote: Click Here for 'God - The Friend of Friends', an earlier posting.

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