Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If you invite a Storm of Love into your life, you must expect to get wet sometimes

I entered my friend’s office one morning, and he looked awfully pleased with himself. His name is Ewan and he is married with young 4 kids. “You know, Taufiq…” He said, “I have the best wife ever. I don’t know what else I can do to deserve her…”

I asked for better particulars about his connubial bliss.

“I woke up pretty early this morning, and she was still snoozing next to me. So I wanted to be helpful and started to tidy the room up a bit, While I was folding some clothes, I suddenly heard her murmur awake. I turned and she was just, you know, kinda looking at me in a funny way. Then she said, ‘You know, Ewan. If I didn’t have you, I just don’t know how I could cope.’

I nodded my appreciation of his story. Score 1 for husbandhood. In my head I was musing, “What a sweetot couple”.

A couple of days later I had a visit from Ewan. This time it was different however, he looked dissatisfied and nonplussed. “I cannot understand women!” he sighed. “I was only trying to help…”

I asked him to calm down and provide more evidence of his marital unhappiness.

“My wife was busy doing something else, and I saw a bundle of unwashed clothes near the washing machine. So I took it all and dumped it into the machine. I have seen her do this countless time and knew the drill. Or so I thought. A little later when the washing was done, I was busy pulling the clothes out of the bally machine, when suddenly she creeped up behind me. ‘What the heck are you doing?’ She asked. I didn’t know what I did wrong so enquired, “I was just using the washing machine, love…”

‘Yes, I can see that. But you didn’t separate the whites!’ she snapped.


Immediately I picked out some of the whites and happily for us there was no discolouration at all. So I said, “See, see… it’s alright. The whites are all still whites.”

‘So? What are you implying? Are you saying that I am stupid now?!”


I nodded my appreciation of his story. Score -1 for husbandhood.

I think the above is a beautiful story of a beautiful couple, and one whom I have long admired. Admittedly you cannot have a happy home without some contretemps. That is the way of marriage life, as any married man or woman would confess to you. And as for women…

8. Ah, a Woman
Fragile and soft,
But ever so

God bless all men, and their women who came into their lives and let loose the Storm of Love. And if it is raining, men should accept that sometimes they will have to get wet!


Pax Taufiqa.

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