Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I love Thee, and to Thee I Surrender - Early Morning Love Call Part 2

To Thee I Surrender

"I love thee"
Can be spoken
In many, many ways...

It can be a plea,
It can be a threat,
It can be uttered angrily,
It can be muttered tearfully,
It can be a stubborn declaration,
It can be said in sighful resignation,
It can be spoken as a promise,
Or recited in a prayer,
It can be moaned in passion,
It can be a furtive whisper,
It can be spoken in cloying affection,
It can be claimed for selfish reasons.

But of all the "I love thee", none is greater
Than when it is said and followed with;
"...And to thee, I surrender."

When I wrote Early Morning Love Call (Click Here), I was motivated by an old prose recorded more than a year ago. It was not in a softcopy, but luckily I had a hardcopy of my journal which I (used to) regularly send to an old Sufi Master.

So you see, the *Gulp* in the early posting had pretty good reasons behind it. And as I look out of my window to the ravishing sky, and as I look at all my lovely friends working with me and I ponder upon all the goodness that has been bestowed to us..., again I *Gulp*.

Love and Its Expression is beyond reckoning - just like you, sunshine. God bless your beautiful souls, wherever you may be reading this.

Pax Taufiqa.

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