Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Mrs.Gomez Treatment - My School Daze Part 2

A PLAGUE OF MORONS. Mrs. Gomez was a teacher in high school. Actually I have never met her (I was in another school, the rival school in fact) but her story came about when I was talking to my good buddy, King. We were commiserating each other as to why so many politicians are consummate idiots who appear to take moronism to new heights, treating it less like a disability and more like an ambition to pursue. “My ambition?” They would reply, “Duhh… Why, it is my lifelong quest to be more stupid tomorrow than I am today.”

THE MRS. GOMEZ TREATMENT. So according to King’s hypothesis, these political gentlemen (and some ladies, let’s not be chauvinists here) are brainless because they did not benefit from the Mrs. Gomez Treatment during their schooling years. I ask for further particulars and this was King’s elaboration…

A TEACHER’S DIVINE BENEDICTION. “When I was in high school, all my classmates feared the Mrs. Gomez Treatment. In an all-boys school, being bullied AND kicked about was part and parcel of life, so most kids hardly minded. But the Mrs. Gomez Treatment was a refined type of psychological torture which shamed the living daylights out of us. If so happen you are thick, slow or somehow lacking focus in her class, Mrs. Gomez would quietly sidle next to your desk, then without warning, she would drop to her knees and loudly utter this prayer, 'Oh, GAAAWD! Pleeeease Give This BOY Some BRAAAINS!' And if you are actually smart, you would pray together with her.”

And this is what we need in schools nowadays, I think. The Science of Knowing Thyself and a regular dose of the Mrs. Gomez Treatment. Write to your representatives, please!
May God bless all our teachers. And especially Mrs. Gomez.

Pax Taufiqa.

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