Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Now tell me... Are you writing about me, or you are actually writing about God or the Prophet?

I had a conversation with Heche yesterday. “You know…” she said, “Sometimes I just don’t know what you are writing about in the blog. When you write poetry about love and stuff, sometimes I think it's me… but sometimes I wonder if you are actually writing about God or the Prophet.”

To which I replied, “That is the whole point, you see.”

Happiness, sadness, all feelings that well up in our hearts, where do they come from? But when the writers of old speak of love… they are often talking about love that flows from the Fountain of Love, cascading into our lives through vessels which God uses to speak to us – these vessels are often called prophets and saints, friends, lovers, our fathers and mothers, our sisters, brothers, aunties and uncles, cousins and grandparents. And yea, surely even through our ‘enemies’, if we have any.

When I speak of Love, it is my earnest ambition to smudge the lines between you and God. To blur the distinction between the Creator and Created. Not because we and God are one and the same but because sinners like me often forget the truth which Sufis and other mystics throughout the ages have been preaching from the pulpit of the soul - That although God is separate from Mankind, Mankind can never be separated from God.

So when I write, indeed… when you write, when you speak or when you do any deed, it is God that is the ultimate audience and receptacle of your words and actions.

This sounds weighty, but alas it’s the truth. But if you know this already, then God has also guaranteed you the strength to bear such truths, for it is not in His Nature to grant you a gift (or a test, depending on how you look at it, hehehe) that you are unable to bear…

Carrying the Universe

I guess we just need to find it in us,
This inner strength to carry the Universe
In our glittering eye,
In our heartbeat,
And in our unconscious smile
When we see our love
Walk through the door
And say, “Hi.”

I am looking for this personal courage. You will help me, yes? You will stick by my side and be patient with me?

Pax Taufiqa.

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