Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Acceptance of Grace, the Expression of Gratitude and the Perfection of Servanthood at the Magic Well of Wishes

I had no doubts
My Love is eyeing me
Between two parting clouds
And He is whispering into
My wishbroken well,
“While others doubted you,
I had no doubts.”

My Love is with me
Between the swift arrow
And the quivering bow
Of my guardian Cherubim,
Assuring me and saying,
“When none will hear you,
I will hear you out.”

My Love is consoling me,
Gathering me in His arms
Through songs He spun
On the lips of poets,
And though I fell asleep
Last night a heretic,
Today I am born,
Once again a convert…

To Love’s gentle ways,
As He weaves His story
In the loom of my heart,
In that bewitching ways
Which only Love can weave.

Make a wish and throw a penny into my magic well, sunshine. You and I, we have been disappointed, and we have disappointed others, because we thought happiness comes from ourselves and others. Because we are constantly deceived by our Ego which will always claim to be the supreme arbiter of our feelings.

But true contentment comes only through our Acceptance of Grace, our Expression of Gratitude and our Perfection of Servanthood. In the servant’s courtyard of our Lord the King of Kings, the Magic Well of Wishes has no bottom. And the pennies we throw with the name of God upon our lips will be in flight for infinity, collecting grace and blessings of a King that always listens to His servants’ unspoken misgivings.

Happy Sabbath, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.

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