Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Who were you?
O’ Taufiq,
What were you?
Who were you?
How could you ever be
Anything or anyone,
Before in your life,
I came to be?

O’ Taufiq,
What delight did you feel?
What sorrow did you drown in,
Before you ever knew Me?

Whatever you were,
Whoever you were,
It matters not.

Not now,
Not when you are
Finally with Me.

Your life,
And your memory
Begins now, o’ Taufiq,

With Me.

LOVELY RAIN. I was driving home through the wet streets of my neighbourhood. Just a couple of yards ahead on the left is my house. I am very happy that it rained this evening. My room faces the evening sun, and for a couple of days it felt like a sauna. I have an air-conditioner but it’s broken. I haven’t replaced it because I procrastinate. Tomorrow, I will say. Or next week. Or perhaps next month. So each night I am at the mercy of nature.

THE AC IS DECEASED. As I was driving with my friend, Munim made an observation. For I was exclaiming, “Alhamdulillah, it is raining!” Then I said, “Well, Munim, my air-cond may be kaput, but if it was working fine I would probably not feel as happy as I am right now. In response Munim nodded sagely, saying, “Yea, dude. Sometimes not having something permits you the privilege of experiencing happiness in a way not open to others who have that something.” Hmm. Then I guess I should count myself lucky that my AC is deceased. But I wonder if I will feel as blessed the next time the late evening sun turns my bedroom into an electric grill. It is the hardest test, and the easiest lesson in the world… for often I have heard a Master say that…

The Incredible Equation
Being Nothing (you) Makes the Appreciation of the Only True Something (your Lord) possible.

LIGHT UPON LIGHT. I guess another key to happiness is learning to play with our expectations. And to remember that life, like love, must be taken ‘as is’. True Love, the high Lamp in the firmament of Divine Mercies will give this to you, I think. But do not read this as fatalism. The only thing that will perish when you drink your cup of love is fear and uncertainty. ..

Pick up the Cup of Love and
Take that sip of Light, sunshine.
Drink and let begin your life and memories,
The ‘Light Upon Light’…and
The Inexplicable Mercies.

Two new prose in less than 24 hours. This is a rare thing. And the only thing more wonderful is the fact that you are reading it. Now that is truly the Lord’s gift to me.

Have a wonderful day, luvvies.

Pax Taufiqa

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