Monday, June 20, 2011

I Have no Purpose for Love Unless it is to Love You

I Have No Purpose Unless…

Oh Lord, Oh Love…,

I have no purpose for life,
Unless it is to live for You,

I have no purpose for love,
Unless it is to love You,

I have no purpose for knowledge,
Unless it is to know You,

I have no purpose for words,
Unless it is to extol Your beauty,

I have no purpose for piety,
I leave that for those
Learned in Your theology,

I have no purpose for death,
Unless it is to meet You,
And to finally,
Meet me.

I wrote a long post about the financial market and the Subprime scandal. But before I could post it, the day turned into night. And at night, it is best to leave matters of rights and obligations aside and to focus on what God created the night for – LOVE.

I hope you like the above prose, pet. It’s brand new. It drifted into my heart while I was driving home.

Have a lovely evening, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa


Anonymous said...

A gorgeous, fragrant, glowing bouquet for the Beloved.

Milky Tea said...

I plucked it from the field of human discord. I am glad you like it.